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  1. Mississippi BJ This is just posted up to thank the guy who I knicked the number plate idea from, I saw it here ages ago but couldn't find anything searching, they were so cool made from old found wood & rusty bits, anyway. Quick cheap parts build as I had some tele hardware lying around. Ash body £20, add belly and arm cuts. Neck £30 Wilkinson bridge Duncan little59 bridge, generic hotrail type neck NOS nobease knobs Fluro orange
  2. Cheers, Mo Joe sounds good in this, better that the one I've got in a real JS I think. Its a full sounding pickup, but still pretty balanced & pick harmonics just scream out.
  3. Dirty Frank Built with whatever wood and parts were lying around in the shed Sapelle body flame maple neck and board mismatched scrap parts Schaller floyd Dimarzio MoJoe build thread http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/47174-striped-frankie-probably/
  4. tape off more relicing and another mockup I'm still tempted to clear it, think its kind of perverse to put a thick shiny coat on something so wrecked might dirty the neck or just truoil it
  5. then a coat of halfords finest toolbox red
  6. sprayed black taped up and sprayed white taped off black and white relicing starts
  7. My luggage scales says 8.3 lbs as it is. Cheers Wes, just went back and found your thread, cool stuff
  8. oh yeh, I forgot it's a 24 fret so I thought I would experiment, glued in the neck then roughed out some heal shaping and couldn't resist a quick string up So the plan is to stripe the body & maybe relic it before clearing it I was playing around with the neck and made it a soft V to C as I'd never played one, but not sure I like it, so might shave it off
  9. Start trem route and single hum back route with jem style angled jack quick mockup
  10. Hi, long time no build, had a hankering for one of the new evh cheap striped series recently, but thought why not build one, with a few twists mainly because a had a manky schaller floyd sitting around. Reverse headstock, of course sapelle body - had some lying around Quarter sawn board on the flame neck Neck fit
  11. SWIRLYSEVEN Ok, something a bit more subtle this month, had this body sitting around for a while after swirling & got round to make a neck for it. Basswood RG body, recessed bridge, OneShot enamel swirl, 2k clear 5 piece maple/bubinga neck, ebony board, 2k clear
  12. few more pics, and also 2ked the maple neck one. and to add the usual do woods effect the tone I was quite surprised how different they do sound. Bodies from the same plank of wood, same hardware, electrics and bridge humbucker, just the neck difference. Rosewood and wenge board, warmer, fuller, more low mids & louder acoustically Maple and maple board, brighter, maybe more balanced.
  13. Donnie24 Lots of brown this month. Ibanez JS copy with 24 frets, Donnie Hunt style paint 2 piece Lime body, 2k clear 1 piece rosewood neck, wenge board, medium jescar frets Ibanez edge trem Build thread http://projectguitar...showtopic=46810
  14. Cheers ears Exactly enough of this quilted, flamed fancy top nonsense.. I do appear to have a Donnie problem though
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