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  1. There are ways you can do this. I don't know how the reults will look though. I think there are flat clears out there. Since they don't use them in the automotive paint world I can't tell you for sure. However, if you have your paint mixed at an automotive paint store that sells PPG paint, ask for a few ounces of DX265 Flattening Agent. A little added to the paint will go far. For example, 2 ounces in an RTS quart of black makes for some FLAT black paint. Good luck and be sure to test spray first. Add a bit at a time.
  2. That's pretty killer. Change the headstock to Jeremy's design and WHOA!
  3. I did indeed score some stuff, Brian. Two Novembers Doom CDs, a Daylight Dies CD, a CD for Grey Skies Fallen, Dark Tranquillity's live DVD, Opeth's My Arms, YOur Hearse CD (for 5 bucks ), a Novembers Doom t-shirt, a wicked acoustic metal project CD called the Suffering. Also scored picks and strings. Oh yeah, and a bunch of "Happy Birthdays" from the best forum on the internet. Thank you, guys!!
  4. Thanks for the replies, everyone. Wes, I hope my V looks half as good as yours.
  5. I am contemplating building a neck through V (in the Jackson King V style). I will use a Carvin neck through, but my question regards the body wings. I think I read (the guitar building bible is on the way, just not here yet) on here that you cut the body halves then glue them to the neck through. My question is how would you clamp the wing while the glue dries? Would I just do it as I would with a standard body?
  6. The prices you paid for the pads is BS. Did you get it done at the dealership or an independet shop? Even if I bought top shelf pads, the MOST I would pay is about $50 a set. I really feel you got screwed.
  7. If you are having a shop do your work, you might try bringing in your own parts. Most shops mark up parts by at least 40% or they charge list price. Most shops will install customer supplied parts, but they won't add their labor warranty. Which if you are installing new rotors and pads, is no big deal. That just seems like way too much money. The last set of rotors/pads I sold at work for a similar car to yours was app. $30 for the pads and $40 per rotor. This was for the best stuff. One step down would have knocked off a good 30 bucks off the total. So: The shop gets rotors a
  8. What kind of car do you drive?!
  9. Check out: Dark Shift Opeth Novembers Doom Silencer Blistered Earth Nevermore
  10. I checked them out at music123.com. The Splattercaster in black with silver and gold sounded promising. Until I saw a close up.
  11. You can pick up material anywhere material is sold. Clothing and hobby outlets. Wal Mart. As far as the lizard pattern goes I have no clue.
  12. I read somewhere (can't remember where now- sorry) that some copper foil tape uses non conductive adhesive. This guy who wrote the article recommended using a small solder joint interconnecting all the pieces of foil.
  13. really? i thought it was some kinda family movie??
  14. The other day I saw "Crossroads" listed in the TV guide menu. I was stoked! Hadn't seen it in years. So I turn the channel to watch and I see....Brittney Speared. I was in shock. I had no clue. Damn Showtime should not be allowed to build up my hopes only to shoot me down.
  15. Isn't the brown just the transition between the black and yellow? I think it is just yellow and black.
  16. If the guitar is made with a pickguard, changing to a dual humbucker set up is easy. All you would need is a new pick guard with dual humbucker openings. You can get one from Warmoth for about 20 bucks. Then, just "open" the body up a bit so the humbuckers will fit in the body cavity behind the pick guard, wire the pickups according to instructions and you are done.
  17. The main thing with scallops is a light touch is a must. If you press the string hard, it will go sharp.
  18. I have been considering doing a maple board with ebony and rosewood inlays.
  19. I am no fan of Malmsteen. The best G3 show I saw was the first one. That was awesome.
  20. That is a nice B4. As a Carvin BBS member I have seen many, but wow.
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