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  1. i recently got a stereo memory man (the lesser one) off ebay. i noticed that, when the blend knob is all the way up, the echo sounds really thin and metallic and a little distorted, almost like a buzz sound. any ideas? thanks! its this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gui...ects?sku=153305
  2. hello i was wondering if anyone had any experience/advice in regards to looping pedals. I am looking into the digitech jamman and the akai headrush E2. Any comments etc? thanks
  3. hello, i was wondering what the difference is between guitar pedals and bass pedals. Is it just that bass pedals are built for lower frequencies? Also, what would happen if you played a guitar through, say a bass synth pedal or something like that? thanks
  4. Hello all I was wondering the difference between amps for acoustic electric guitars and regualr electric guitar amps. Is it bad to play a distorted electric guitar through an acoustic amp? thanks
  5. would it have lasting damage on the guitar amp?
  6. I know that playing a bass through a guitar amp is bad for the amp, but why exactly is it bad? Is is it the low frequency? What are the long term consequences of doing this? thanks
  7. thanks for the help everyone
  8. This is kind of a stupid question, but how do you keep pots from moving around when you turn the knob? THanks
  9. first songs i ever learned was "when i come around" but for easy and good songs try anything by the Ramones
  10. YES! but i dunno if that is what the high schoolers are looking for...
  11. i like plexglass pickguards, it looks like the pickups are floating! but you gotta try to hide the wiring a little, like make it neat or something
  12. that is truly amazing ! i am not worthy !
  13. it really depends on preference... i said alder! nice balanced wood
  14. yeah, that guitar looks like it had a bad run in with a steam roller, and a crazy man with a rubber mallet,
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