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  1. Hi. I need a router of some sort. I am very low on cash, I cant go out and buy a whole router table. I need something where I can route pickup cavities and stuff like that on solidbody guitars. Can anyone share with me the most cost effective way to route? I did a project before, trying to make a MIM strat body routing accomidate a Humbucker in the neck, and I used just my drill and a drill bit and. . ."went at it", lol. Needless to say, that was pretty wreckless. What if I got a router bit and mounted it to an Electric drill, would that work? It doesn't need to be perf
  2. Well, hmm Im 16, an electronics guy, not really a woodworker. Im not sure if I have the know-how to do this, how hard would it be to fix this? I know you cant give me a price, but in what neighborhood would the cost be to have it fixed? Just the top is warped. I looked inside, vacuumed a big wad of spider's nest/dust clump (ew. . .a bug fell out . . ) and I couldn't tell if anything was unglued like you said. It has bizarre aysemmetrical bracings, something like this: (red is the bracings on the top) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v39/nona...abracingtop.jpg Thank you for y
  3. Hmm. Thats pretty close to the problem, but its almost the whole face of the guitar. That job would be a nightmare without his handy little camera, would the wet towel Idea work?
  4. Oh, Shoot, Im sorry for the triple post, I kept getting a "Mail error" when I posted it, so I didn't think it worked.
  5. Hello wise people. I have a 1969 Yamaha FG-230 12string acoustic. I got it for $100 at a pawnshop, about a year ago. Wow. That was last summer. Last month of school. Wow, time flies. But anyways, The body. . . .is warped Its not the neck, its the body. The part of the body where the bridge rests is risen up. I could get some pictures if they are absolutely necessary, but there isn't much to see besides a warped body. How can I fix this? Somebody told me I should get a damp rag, put the rag in the body, let the moisture absorb into the wood, and put a brick wrapped in anot
  6. No its not needed. I haven't ever taken one off, but I think all you have to do is unscrew the pole pieces, and somehow work it off I think it will be gummed up with wax and will stick.
  7. Yeah, you can make your own. Plastic, Foil, Glue, and an X-acto knife. www.radioshack.com has them. They aren't green, but essentially what your looking for.
  8. IM not the expert on them, I have made threads before but was rudely told to go "use the search function" but here goes. 1. Yes. Anything that makes a vibration 2. AnyWHERE that makes a vibration 3. both. Anywhere that makes a vibration basically, your looking for a surface with the strongest vibrations Try experimenting all over the guitar. On solidbody, the common thing to do is epoxy the piezo's to the weighted stock of the tremolo on both vintage and FR trems.
  9. So where can you get sheets of Lead? Without stealing the doctor's X-ray blanket.
  10. I dont really want to build one, I just want to buy one and put it into a smaller box.
  11. Well, i want a big muff, but I have a certain concern. They are too big for my pedalboard, I made it myself, and there isn't a lot of spare room on it. Is the PC board in the muff small enought to be placed in a smaller encloseure? or are the electonics as big as the pedal? Thanks.
  12. Residential mostly. Rarely do they put their branches on the curb downtown. . . I looked around today, nothing but cardboard, branches, rotted old fence wood, and 2 busted vaccum cleaners.
  13. All they have in my neightborhood is branches and cardboard
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