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  1. Did you use the standard 1.5tbs of borax per gallon principle and temp as well are go by something else?
  2. yeah i know about this site got some good downloads on there, and alot more willing to help than the other ones i've came across in the years.
  3. you better be fast with super glue. I use to get the black epoxy from stew-mac till they were out for about 2 weeks so i decided to get some of the 30min epoxy thats in the syringe type thing from home depot and mixed ebony dust powder with it. The only place i've ever seen black super glue is at hobby shops
  4. it can be done but yes it'll be one hell of a nightmare when you level back the inlay. I wouldn't recommend doing it
  5. No is not!!! Have you tried both? Because the leather dye barely stained a rosewood board I tested on and the stew mac one covered in the 1st try! Well i can tell you i just ordered some from them a few weeks ago, and its Fiebings professional oil dye http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Finishing_supp...es.html#details And its nothing but leather dye you can clearly see from the pic. the horse saddle on it. On the side of the bottle it tells its leather dye and the instructions for its use on brown leather.
  6. the black fingerboard dye from stew-mac is nothing but leather dye. You should be able to find that in canada. I have a ? if you stain it before you install inlays or such what do you do when you have to do the touched work from leveling and sanding the inlays and glue. I never understood this and never had any luck with it that way. I always do my staining last. Then clean up the inlays to remove the residue off them.
  7. i like the hell out of that pretty neat. Say some on a custom shop guitar awhile back yours beats it hands down IMO
  8. The inlays i got from ebay from AI guitar. The binding is a factory screw up from Kramer. The neck is a kramer american neck i started to fix it when i took the binding off but decided that since i was putting it on the bones body that it would give a decayed or chipped away appearence.
  9. i had a guy carve it for me, heres some pics of it http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/184/dscf2231wk4.jpg http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/4863/dscf2234tw7.jpg
  10. they are on ebay all the time, different colors schemes and styles.
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