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  1. Did you use the standard 1.5tbs of borax per gallon principle and temp as well are go by something else?
  2. i've seen the topics and tutorials on staining flame and quilted tops. What if you want to keep it natural but enhance the figure. What do you need to do?
  3. i finally found someone in the u.s. that sells this paint!! my ? is they have something called a humbrol super enamel paint is this right or is there different types out there?? also is flat the best recommended cause i will be putting a clear coat on top of this. they have gloss, flat, and matte!!
  4. man that does look nice!!! i have looked for the humbrol brand paints but no where around me carrys this paint they tell me its mostly a oversea's brand thats not normally in the U.S.
  5. i have tried all kinds of oil-based paints with no luck everything forms a skin on top of the water these are the paints i have tried: rustoleum oil based testors gloss and flat 1-shot plastikote (but after looking not sure this was a oil base) winston artist oils thin with linseed oil to the consistency of thin milk (these didn't form a skin they just totally dispersed) several others but can't remember them at the moment so what do some of you that have had success at this use??
  6. has anyone heard of or have one of these brand guitars they seem to big in les paul copy's and ovation acoustics. wonder if they are worth the bucks cause i have seen alot of them brand new for under $300 with cases
  7. The picture of the little japanese man is that a painting or a sticker of some kind on them. Also does anyone have the mask for the graphics on one these??
  8. is this still for sale?? if so what happen to the pics.?
  9. well i was going through the forums and came across this yes, i have a tatoo on my back left shoulder blade of the faces on Motley Crue's Theater of Pain album cover. Would i do it again probally not but dunno i've had it so long that i forget i have it being that i can't see behind my back to well(HEHEHE)
  10. so whats the best type of paint to normally use to tackle this? (acrylic or other)
  11. How long you been airbrushing???Man that looks good!!!! I've seen some of your other work on here i must say its great!!
  12. thanks for tutorial seen another some where else awhile back but it wasn't no where as good as this one!!!!!
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