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  1. Hey guys! I'm looking for a bass rig for a bassist in a pop rock band. These guys are recording a profeional album and we're looking for a rig to get the bassist setup for both live and in studio. These guys are lost when it comes to gear and bass isnt directly my specialty. THE BIG ISSUE: Budget is around 1500$!!! Im think something from ampeg like the svt 4 pro series and one of their cheaper cabs but thats slowly exceeding his budget!! Bassists please help me out! Thanks in advance!
  2. Great thanks alot guys! we will definitely be putting up a list of our gear within the next few days or so! thx again!
  3. Hey guys! My Brother and i have been building up our studio over the last few years and have recieved alot of help from you guys. I firstly wanteed to thank you guys for always being there and for providing great help! I would love to your opinions on the website and studio which has just recently been put up! Heres the link : http://evermooraudio.com/ we're always open to criticism--so feel free to tell us what you really think:P Connor
  4. Hey Guys i recently got amplitube 2 and am trying to get it to work in Pro Tools LE 8, however whenever i open an audio track amplitube is not even being recognized as a plug-in Has anybody else had this problem? Is there anything i can do, or is Pro Tool just not compatible with Amplitube? Thanks ahead of time Connor
  5. did you think about just maybe using a delay pedal for creating a helicopter sound by letting oscillate the boss dd-3 works great for it-- Tom Morello uses it in the intro of cochise by audioslave by tapping the strings with a pencil- works great when i tried it out also for what are these sounds going to be used? Connor
  6. in the studio i have a five guitar rack where you just line them up you have to be careful at times putting them in--it takes a while to get used to without hitting other guitars--so nobodies allowed putting guitars in or out except me it's also space saving and even though the guitars aren't displayed to they're fullest it looks pretty damm cool Connor
  7. well i took them all out first then started one at a time but yeah that would make sense would it be okay just to plug in and then perhaps move the bridge till i feel it's sounds louder?
  8. that would make sense--seeing as it worked perfectly right before the string change thx anyway
  9. this model did actually come with the fishman(4T) pre-amp built in i didn't do any wiring or anything i changed strings this morning--and since then the 2 strings are barely audible compared to the rest when amped Connor
  10. hey guys im plaiying on a norman protege b18 tobacco sunburst plugged in--and for some reason i can barely here the high e and b strings when plugged in--everything else is working fine-- could just be the mic placement or malfunctioning? thx ahead of time Connor
  11. Sounds like a great project! the only thing is--is this even going to be the same guitar when it's finished seeing as almost everything is going to be changed:P anyways keep us filled Connor
  12. 2 looks very cool i find works well with the whole style
  13. That is crazy stuff--thanks for filling us in:) The lights on becomes a bit too flashy for me personally but i think it's a great idea---i'm sure it'd be a GOTM... Connor
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