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  1. And it is not illegal to use the deacals. I have my self. It is legal for restoration and personal use. Sales is where it gets funky. I will put a fender decal on a Relic, but I wont sell it.
  2. Ok, so lets bash the newbie for asking for help. Perry, while I usually agree with you, I do not here. Picture this.....what is the differencebetween a lefty making a replica jem in reverse orientation for himself because Ibanez is too shallow to make one, and making a 5150 replica using a Kramer decal? Especially when all he will get is thin decals, not the silkscreened vinyl Ibanez uses. I know myself that lefties get the shaft, as they are limited to a few select guitars and we righties can have anything we want. He stated plainly he wont be selling it, and its for his own personal enjoymen
  3. And mahogany or even black limba is not much more expensive. I get limba for $8.50 a board foot.
  4. Yeah, but I'd need to strip the whole thing. I might do that later.
  5. Is this a tutorial or a pissing contest?
  6. Here is one USACG. That is theirs on site. This is at Frets dot com. I'll get one for ya of what you REALLY wanna see next time I'm over there. I cant go to my in laws without stopping to talk shop with Tommy. He is a very cool guy.
  7. stain black sand back. Then do color coats. Get some black dye.
  8. LOL, so true. Sadly, people are out there RUINING their fenders, some vintage even! I noticed no mention of a neck jig either. Then I took it as evidence the way I feel is correct......
  9. Also here's a no brainer, but I still did it. DO NOT TOUCH THE FRETS! I now have a scar on m,y left palm perfectly straight about an inch long. Nice string of expletives. Be careful here. Do you really think I meant to?
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