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  1. You people need lives. If you really see fit to burn someone, at least get facts right. For the love of God, it is sad how ridiculous you are. I have many better things to do.
  2. Carvin makes the stewmac necks. They can do paddle head at no extra charge, and if you ask they will do any options you want that they do on the guitars....mahogany neck, maple board, 5 piece neck, ect. You'll pay the same price as per a guitar for the options. Just browse the options on guitars and you'll know what is available and for how much.
  3. Or go as mentioned but buy a carvin thru neck, fill the old bridge holes, glue the wings up at the proper angle for the bridge or go flatmount, whatever and you'd have a killer neck thru explorer, and wouldnt have to build a neck. Trust me, dont bite off more than you can chew. Dont over complicate it either.
  4. I also dont care. I only have a few things to say. 1. Do you people really have nothing better than to slander other people over the web? I honestly hate the internet now, and dread even checking my email. I have enough decency to not mention any "names", however, you know who you are. And if you have no knowledge of a situation, dont pretend you do. If you scam people, you have no room to talk. 2. With everything currently going on in my life, the last thing I need is people presuming things to be what they are not. I indeed am going thru a divorce, and do not appreciate being called a
  5. Hey setch, if it isnt much trouble, can you repost the pics on top carving? I could use them
  6. Dime bolt. And who says it has to be airbrushed? You sould just mask the bolt and spray white on her. Simple enuf? Then go with a blue dye for the Washburn style one, or go Dean from Hell style, and paint it blue. The lines will go away when you start clearing....like a decal.
  7. Sorry Eddie, I didnt mean to sound like I missed your point. I agree what happened was wrong. However, that was the most extreme misuse of a substance ever. It was cold, irresponsible, mean, and just plain wrong on so many levels. And honestly, it does grieve me that there are people out there that do that. Same thing with pedos getting kids liquered up so they can have their way with them. That's not the substance's fault, the some sick fxxxer misusing a substance to get what they want. Its the cold reality that the world is not a safe place anymore (nor was it ever) that I dont like. I say w
  8. Actually you can fight at 17. I agree with you here. Why do we have kids dying for "the cause" (not a political stab) who cant even vote, and my ass can smoke ciggies, and drink to my hearts content? I'm 22, and for health reasons I cant join the military, not that I would if I could anyhow. Not trying to open a new can of worms now either. As for weed? I guess I'm more responsible than most. I dont smoke often, and I wont drive afterwards. I actually walked 2 miles home one day because I was stoned. Most ppl would just drive. Weed is like alcohol to me....fine in moderation and used respon
  9. I went and bought the Kahler. Its a chrome one off the bay that is "new in box". We'll see.....I dont want to have to route, but.....
  10. The best kitys I have seen are from Grissly Industrial
  11. And it is not illegal to use the deacals. I have my self. It is legal for restoration and personal use. Sales is where it gets funky. I will put a fender decal on a Relic, but I wont sell it.
  12. Ok, so lets bash the newbie for asking for help. Perry, while I usually agree with you, I do not here. Picture this.....what is the differencebetween a lefty making a replica jem in reverse orientation for himself because Ibanez is too shallow to make one, and making a 5150 replica using a Kramer decal? Especially when all he will get is thin decals, not the silkscreened vinyl Ibanez uses. I know myself that lefties get the shaft, as they are limited to a few select guitars and we righties can have anything we want. He stated plainly he wont be selling it, and its for his own personal enjoymen
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