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  1. yeah yeah it's all just a big gimmick go back to building your telecasters and bassman copies, nothing to see here.
  2. I've also heard of roasted maple I know they use an autoclave for that at least.
  3. well suhr does it because it also makes it impervious to moisture and climate changes
  4. Curious to know if anyone has tried this or knows how to do it. I'm thinking of something similar to how Suhr 'vulcanizes' some of their maple necks. I have a neck laying around that Ive been experimenting with and was curious to see if I could try it out.
  5. this thing is going to be amazing when you're done, I cant wait to see it finished!
  6. thanks for all the help guys, if anyone else has something to contribute please pm me or reply to the thread, thanks!
  7. Still looking for some help on this one. Thanks guys.
  8. I'm sorry if this is some big deal to you guys, I was just looking for some help is all. I've been looking all over for someone to build this, and I figured a site with a bunch of guys building guitars would be a good place to look, haha. But I didnt mean to ruffle feathers around here.
  9. well I really want/need a hardtail and an ebony board and neck through construction. Thanks for the advice, but I'm it really seems like it'd be a lot more money thanks its worth to buy a prs have it re topped refinished all this other stuff and still be left with things I want in the guitar. Thanks for your input though.
  10. Welp, been thinking about this guitar for ages, at least 2 years. Just for starters, I do not want a carvin california, I like them, I know they're great guitars, but that is not what I want and I know someone was bound to tell me to get one, so just wanted to get that out of the way. : Alright, the basics of what I want are as follows Style: PRS Custom 24 Body wood: Mahogany Top wood: Quilted maple Neck wood: Mahogany Fingerboard: ebony with bird inlays, nothing fancy, mother of pearl is good Neck Carve: Wide Thin Bridge: set in tune o matic with strings through Neck Joint: neck through Finish: "see through" grey/black I'll discuss price with the induvidual people who contact me, thanks so much, and I hope I can find someone to build be my dream guitar!
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