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  1. You are correct my collection is pretty complete. And the Wookie is hanging in the hallway. I have people I promised guitars to and haven't even started them... I would like to use up some of the wood I am storing in the garage. And I am ready to do some real woodworking as all I have done lately carpentry and furniture stuff for the house.
  2. I know the crew I am hanging with and we are all vaccinated and our bar is still setup for social distancing. I still carry a mask for unknowns like shopping.
  3. Alive. Survived the COVIDz. Family is Vaccinated. Went out for drinks yesterday sans a mask... I think we are turning a corner. Been thinking about building.
  4. Update. The SG is basically my daily driver. I play it or the S9 express or El Mariachi. I might be building a couple later this year. Kid goes to college in Aug and I might have some free time. Have a lot of wood that should become something other than a slab....
  5. This is the Project Guitar content I am here for. I guess I am going to have to get my tele builds on deck this summer...
  6. Hey, I came across your Rich Bich project - I've been trying to find a template for that shape - no one has it.  Best I could find is your work and the below.  I'd be happy to purchase a copy of your template, or if not, at least set me straight regarding dimensions.  I have a sweet neck already, would love to do a version of your tribute to the Bich!  Thanks in advance -- Ed


  7. Yes the plastic is still on the pickguard... I will let the new owner peel it off.
  8. Was mostly done on Saturday or so I thought... pickguards was tight and some other miscellaneous not quite fit right shenanigans.
  9. Cooked some pickups while watching Sweden move on in the WWC 2019
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