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I started with customizing dime store relics in 1985 with a grinder and a couple of air brushes because I couldn't afford the top of the line guitars. Near the end of High School I was customizing my friends guitars as well as my own. I started to realize that I could never get exactly what I wanted in a guitar so my father suggested I start building my own.

After a few years of going it alone with whatever reference material I could find I finally landed a real job. In 1990 I got a spot at a local shop doing stringed instrument repair and was able to apprentice under a master luthier for the next few years. During that time I learned an amazing amount about how stringed instruments work.

After leaving that position I went on building custom guitars at home and playing in a band for the rest of the 90s. After a few years off I have picked it up again and enjoy the fun in designing and building custom guitars and pickups with a fresh outlook.

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