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  1. Yes the plastic is still on the pickguard... I will let the new owner peel it off.
  2. Was mostly done on Saturday or so I thought... pickguards was tight and some other miscellaneous not quite fit right shenanigans.
  3. Cooked some pickups while watching Sweden move on in the WWC 2019
  4. Its all good. I like metal. I like the Sword (even though the last two albums have been trippy). And I haven't updated it enough so this is all good.
  5. Next up wiring and potting. I will get to that one night this week. Maybe final assembly this coming weekend.
  6. Wound a set of JBass pups... then a set of hot 54 Strats
  7. After spending a minute trying to use the battery drill and buffer pad I got the real buffer out. Tired of playing around. Talk about something that will make a projectile out of anything...
  8. I bought Rage for Order at a grocery store a few weeks after it came out. It is still one of my favorite albums. I saw them for the first time on Operation on the And justice for all... tour. What a show. No one booed at that show. \m/ Now hopefully I can wrap these projects up soon so I can move on to some new stuff.
  9. For some reason Arch always gets that comparison. For me he is somewhere closer to Halford and Tate. Again I struggle with his insistence on blowing through his full range on every line but on this album he seems to be better about staying in the scope of the music. For me the two albums that started American Prog Metal were Queensryche "Rage for Order" and Fates Warning "Awaken the Guardian", I believe Dream Theater was heavily influenced by both.
  10. Prolly more Bull Frog than dragon at this point. It has the same 5' charm to it. if you get closer than 5' you can see its warts.
  11. I sanded and buffed the bodies today but the lacquer is still kinda soft and I can't get the fine scratches out. I am going to give them another two weeks and see. This is the decal paper. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076VFHV1F Just use Inkscape https://inkscape.org to make up your logos. Print. Apply. I put a coat of shellac first to protect the toner from the lacquer.
  12. Shoot some shellac over the dry decals and follow up with lacquer.
  13. I have to take the keys off to clear overtop the decals. The hipshot lockers are a pain in the arse because of the large locker getting in the way of the screwdriver. So over to the belt sander and we fix up the #1 philips bit.
  14. Decal time. These are new Laser Printer Decals. Much thinner than the old ink jet ones I used to use. This looks stupid but it is a stupid guitar so it is fine.
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