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  1. Old Skool. The Red Witch. All by hand... I mean no Robo RAD
  2. The guitar build is in this thread but I think I blew past the scarf
  3. Its in one of my old threads... luckily they all start with Project so you can search for them https://www.projectguitar.com/search/?&q=Project&author=RestorationAD&search_and_or=or
  4. Garolite XXX with a tiger wood veneer and a CNC machine. Cut through the veneer into the black garolite. I used to do wood cavity covers but they warp.... garolite does not warp. West systems epoxy stick to anything. Veneers are made from the scraps of the top.
  5. You are correct my collection is pretty complete. And the Wookie is hanging in the hallway. I have people I promised guitars to and haven't even started them... I would like to use up some of the wood I am storing in the garage. And I am ready to do some real woodworking as all I have done lately carpentry and furniture stuff for the house.
  6. I know the crew I am hanging with and we are all vaccinated and our bar is still setup for social distancing. I still carry a mask for unknowns like shopping.
  7. Alive. Survived the COVIDz. Family is Vaccinated. Went out for drinks yesterday sans a mask... I think we are turning a corner. Been thinking about building.
  8. Update. The SG is basically my daily driver. I play it or the S9 express or El Mariachi. I might be building a couple later this year. Kid goes to college in Aug and I might have some free time. Have a lot of wood that should become something other than a slab....
  9. This is the Project Guitar content I am here for. I guess I am going to have to get my tele builds on deck this summer...
  10. Yes the plastic is still on the pickguard... I will let the new owner peel it off.
  11. Was mostly done on Saturday or so I thought... pickguards was tight and some other miscellaneous not quite fit right shenanigans.
  12. Cooked some pickups while watching Sweden move on in the WWC 2019
  13. Its all good. I like metal. I like the Sword (even though the last two albums have been trippy). And I haven't updated it enough so this is all good.
  14. Next up wiring and potting. I will get to that one night this week. Maybe final assembly this coming weekend.
  15. Wound a set of JBass pups... then a set of hot 54 Strats
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