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  1. Interesting - never even heard of Golden Age, I'll look into them! I've had HighOrder pickups suggested to me as well - anyone got any experience of them? Or a Bill Lawrence XL500?
  2. Indeed - he's got one with a Kaoss pad in, but that's not the one in the vid
  3. Hi all, I've got an old Kramer Pacer Deluxe which I'm modifying as a bit of a toy/second guitar (my Warmoth parts guitar I built is still my number one, well 02 actually but never mind). I like hot humbuckers - around the 16k mark is great for me. I've got a Bareknuckle Miracle Man in my main guitar and a Bareknuckle Nailbomb in one of my others. They're awesome, but I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for "hot" humbuckers that still kick out loads of harmonics but that clean up really nice for that chunky, sparkly Les-Paul kind of clean tone when I roll the volume back? Maybe I should get something a bit more vintage in resistance and goose the amp harder with my Fulltone OCD? I'm able to experiment a bit, so please let me know if you've used something that fits the bill!
  4. That's not correct. It's a ZVEX fuzz factory that's mounted behind the bridge.
  5. I put one of these in my first project guitar - I have no idea how I managed it but I did! It sounded bloody awful though, so I took it out again.
  6. I'll check when I get in, thanks for your help! Four wire cable, that's for sure. Perhaps the colours of the wires could help with brand identification? All I can remember at the moment is that the hot wire was white... the earth that goes to the trem claw was red/pink striped which I thought was odd.
  7. Hey thanks for the reply! How can you tell if it's ceramic or alnico? It's definitely slug poles on both sides, the sides are wrapped in tape and it's wax potted.
  8. Hi guys, Here's the story: I recently bought a 1985 Kramer Pacer Deluxe, that originally was HSS, but when I got it it had been converted to HXX with a single vol - just the way I like em. Seller claimed the remaining bridge humbucker was original, but according to my knowledge, it should be either a SD JB or a Schaller. It's neither as far as I can see, but it does sound good (I reserve full judgement before jamming it with the band at full volume, as with all new gear). Here are some pics, it comes out at about 15k so it's pretty damn hot. No markings tho - the fact that it's that hot and unmarked leads me to think it could be a homemade or custom built pickup (it's definitely wax potted, too). One thing's for sure, it's not Kramer factory original. Any help/suggestions/ideas as to what it is would be gratefully received! Thanks!
  9. Yeah I'm currently using a Digitech Bad Monkey to kick the front of the amp, and for the price (£40) it's a helluva good pedal. Leaning towards the DiMarzio PAF Pro - sounds like what I'm after - a PAF but a little but hotter. There's a zebra F spaced one on Ebay at the moment, might plump for that, whack it in and see what happens! Thanks for all the advice guys. Appreciated!
  10. Thanks Crafty - all GPWM. I'm not really able to crank the amp to max - it's a 50w 2204, through a 4x12 (albeit with inefficient speakers in it) and sadly I'm not playing huge venues (club-sized, I guess you'd say), so I'm still going to have to rely on mainly preamp distortion, which I don't mind too much. The JCM800 is a pretty bright amp anyway as well. I don't really use any processing - just a vintage MXR flanger, Boss DD3 and a modded Phase 90 up front, I guess I'm looking for a good balance between "vintage tone" - so that when I roll back the volume it cleans up to a nice chimey, toneful sound, but when wound up it's fat, warm and rich-sounding. Do I want my cake and eat it here, or does such a pup exist??
  11. Thanks again guys. I've never tried DiMarzios, mainly been a SD man all my life. Has anyone tried the PAF Pro, or Hot PAF or whatever they call it? I'm just not sure whether I should be kicking the preamp's ass with something hot, or using something vintage and letting the amp do the work. Hmm... Oh yeah - I assume I'll need an F spaced pickup as my guitar has a Wilkinson trem?
  12. Thanks for all the replies guys - I'm really only looking at the Wolf pickups because I know I like em, go for what you know etc! They're considerably hotter than a PAF - 13.7 or something they come out at. Do Seymour Duncan do a PAF or equivalent now? The problem is really *too much* choice as far as I see it. Plus I can't say how hard a PAF would drive my 50w JCM800 - I like a lot of gain but am I missing a trick by trying to get gain from the hotness of the pickup?
  13. Hi all, I really like the pickups in my Peavey Wolfgang Special, and I'm going off the EMG81 I have in my project guitar, so I thought it would make sense to "go for what I know" and get another Wolfie pickup for the project axe. Thing is, as you probably know, the Wolfies have the pickup mounted directly to the guitar body, and my project guitar uses a pickup ring. The holes in the Wolfgang pickups base plate are too large, and not threaded for the usual mounting screws that go through the ring, and I think the route in the body of the guitar is too deep to body-mount it. Has anybody managed this, or do you have any suggestions of the best way to go? Failing that, what's a good, similar hot humbucker for that VH/Motley Crue hi-gain rock sound? Cheers!
  14. Hopefully this is the right place to post this! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E%3AIT&rd=1 Any questions, please PM me.
  15. Well, it so happened my synth player was selling his DD3 so I've snapped that up for the time being - can't afford to replace the DL4 any time soon. Interestingly, I've also got the MM4 in my rig, which is also great, and is also on the way out! Same thing - you press a button and it does all kinds of random stuff, lights flashing when they shouldn't be and so on. So I guess I'll probably end up replacing that with 2/3 boss pedals, which is exactly where I was before I went down the Line6 route!
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