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  1. Personally I love the idea of a cabinet. That way you can keep the guitars in a case, while having easy access, and having them on display. I'm going to get my local cabinet maker (who's a friend) to make me one at some stage.
  2. Personally I like to see as much of the guitar as possible. GOTM is a great inspiration to newbs like me. Build threads then really show the steps along the way and really add to the final product. So while it would be nice to see/read/hear more from the entrants, just seeing some entries each month to inspire is important too.
  3. Johny gets my vote this month. Great idea and well executed. The only thing I spotted was the truss rod cover was a bit tall and had the strings ride up over it.
  4. Very nice guitar. Missed this until your GOTM entry, glad you entered. The headstock is a great feature, but I like the way you have done a resurrection on this guitar and created something pretty awesome.
  5. Voted muggatu's build. Great lines and nicely chosen mix of woods. Also really liked quarter's and guitarnut's builds
  6. Great looking build. Any feedback from the owner as to how well it plays?
  7. Looks very nice. Is the neck bound as well? Have you looked at other pickguards? Or possibly no pickguard (I like wood, why cover it with plastic!?).
  8. Apparently Tim has injured his back and isn't as mobile as he'd like. I'm not sure how badly or how long term the injury is, we can only hope he gets better soon. But that means he hasn't got the site updated and the new site running yet. Just send him an email with a desciption of what you want and he'll be able to tell you whether he has anything that might suit.
  9. I'd like to see some pics in good lighting. I'm betting it will look fantastic!
  10. Thanks Cam. I got the body and neck from Australian Tonewoods (Tim Spittle). Tim has a lot of good stuff as far as I can tell. A lot of the names of the Aussie timbers were defined by the loggers and botanists who were trying to label the timber based on stuff they already knew from other countries. As an example we have a lot of trees labelled "gum trees" that cover all sorts of species and types.
  11. Nah just the light reflecting off my pale skin. Need to be covered in some wood dust! Sorry, do you mean like the pic on the left or the right? Or something else completely? Well I'm not sure why it is called that, but I think that it may have something to do with where the original stands were found (Blackwood swamps in Tasmania). And I see what you mean. Try and follow the natural pattern with the shape just that little bit more. I'll have a play with my pathetic photoshop skills when I make the templates. I thought I was going to have a quorum until you chipped in
  12. You don't have spray equipment right? So a wipe on poly or something else?
  13. Thanks metalhead. I've been following your builds on here and UM, I'm hoping I've learnt something from you. It was really a no-brainer to go Aussie. Guess it is my patriotic streak Couple of the possible body shapes I'm going to do a mock-up of:
  14. Hi everyone. I've finally gotten all the parts together for my first build and will finally have the free time to start! So with that it is time to start a build thread A bit of background first. I decided to build a guitar after I bought my brother a Les Paul in the USA (bought myself a Martin ) and battled to find one of equivilent quality in stores for myself. It lead me to question how these guitar thingys were made and lead me to places like here and Woodworking forums. Didn't take much to convince me to have a go myself. Now I have very little woodworking experience. I am half
  15. Awesome looking build. Very nice. Any more pics of it all finished, I need to see more
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