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Captain's log.Stardate 67602.2

41 years I have been marooned on this planet.I don't know how much more I can take.

The local predators are exceedingly strange.They are at the top of the food chain,yet some deny they are even predators at all,despite the canine teeth obviously intended for tearing flesh.I have chosen to masquerade as one of these "humans"... for the obvious reason that whatever strange behaviors I may unknowingly exhibit,I should go largely unnoticed.

Today was laundry day.It is also what the locals refer to as "hump day"...though it seems to have nothing to do with humping at all.There is an animal called a camel involved.I do not know why.

I saw a squirrel today.I see them often.They seem intelligent but I can't make contact,as they mistake me for a human and apparently there is a feud there I don't know about.They come in my yard and steal food.I don't mind,but they always stare as if to say "What you gonna' do now,player?".If they were larger they might make a good war beast.

Captain out.

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