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  1. i have been working on my guitars for years but building them is new.i am almost finished with my first guitar(fixed bridge,carvin neck)but painting the body has been very tedious.
  2. 93 ibanez sabre custom h-s-s all emg blue burst flame maple top with wizard neck and all choclate brown hardware. schecter omen 6 h-h emg's and a new stain and finish job(i also enlarged the cutaway. fernandez revolver pro h-h with a duncan invader at bridge and sustainer at neck. jackson pro series super telly.(just bought it going to replace plastic pickguard with flush mounted maple. marshall g100rcd head crate 4x12 cab zoom driver pedal 12 band eq
  3. i think you went to the wrong site.kahlerinternational.com?
  4. 1/20th of an inch if i remember from my order properly.not much room for error but i assume no sanding is needed.
  5. i'd like to hear his suggestions for laminating it properly.i ordered some veneer from that site last week and i want to be sure not to mess it up.i ordered 10 sq. feet so i would have enough to practice but i would like to know what kind of glue especially.
  6. i don't know if this will help but i have a 93 ibanez sabre custom which has the h-s-s pickup configuration and i just recently installed emg's to replace the ibanez usa's.the two single coils were direct mounted and the emg's were set up for mounting rings but i just used a screw thin enough to go through the threads of the pickups and long enough to reach sufficient depth and installed it the same as the old ones.works great and by the way the emg single coils have much more bite and clarity than any other single coil i've ever heard,plus the 81 at the bridge is the most aggresive pickup ever,with absolutely no noise.
  7. i was just on kahlerinternational.com yesterday loking at the flatmount and it was operational.one thing though,i use both netscape and explorer and the site does not work well on netscape.for some reason it does go down time to time but i'm sure it will reappear soon.what i don't get is why you can't buy a kahler anywhere except for them.it seems to be an awesome product.i am soon to be building a neck thru v and i will be putting a flatmount on it.i only have floyd rose on all my others but i figure i can't go wrong.i saw slayer live a few months back and was impressed they could use it like they do and still stay perfectly in tune.
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