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  1. Welll...uh...this is embarrassing... I had a lot of work during the weekend and just had the time to make sure that the battery was all that was missing. The guitar now works fine. And yet...(famous last words!) Well, as I was saying, this is embarrassing. I wrote to Godin customer service on Monday, and was driving home from work thinking that it was silly to mod a perfectly good guitar unless you had the knowledge to make that mod work...Then it dawned on me. It WAS silly indeed! Now, if I may draw your attention to the attached pic...yep, that´s brass plate, mate! Also, Godin
  2. PHEW!! Cheers everybody! After a long, tiring weekend, I got back home a couple of hours ago. First thing I did after having something for dinner was put the damn battery in...yep, that was all it needed! I tried both sounds and, well...some tones are really nice, others need work -on my part, most likely- with EQ and stuff. I am really glad that it was nothing else than that...I feel like I could really bond with this guitar. Still, I wish the humbucker had more personality on its own. I just found this on a metal forum (of all places!), where the guy contacted Godin and they said
  3. I just realized I hadn´t fully understood what you said in this post. So, modding the guitar (as the previous owner did) and isolate both paths would indeed not work. That´s kind of a pity... If it´s not too much trouble -and this is only out of curiosity-, how do other preamps work then? How do regular acoustic electrics deal with hum? 2) So it seems that isolating the mag from the preamp is inherently impossible due to the bridge, right? When I get home and have a few minutes, I´m gonna pop open those covers and take the pics. Maybe no modding is poosible/necessary/desirable...Wish the
  4. Hi Andrew, thanks for weighing in. I had all the intention of taking pics of the wiring and testing the thing with the 9v battery in, but I´m up to eyeballs in work. I may not even get home tonight. I remember reading about the mag pickup as going through the preamp as well...that gives me hope this issue is actually a non-issue (fingers crossed). However, I was considering the fact that this guitar is already modded and may ask for help on this. I guess the previous owner meant to isolate the mag pickup from the preamp...although why he had a top-mounted jack I cannot guess, given there
  5. Hola Mike! Nice to see friends from back in the day . Is Wes as humble as ever? How´s Brian? I read that Carl is now in charge, right? Will do on the pics as soon as I get home. Last night I went to bed late and it didn´t even cross my mind. I must remember to pick up a 9v battery to test the acoustic preamp...I just hope that works and that the other issue is a relatively simple one. There´s a friend of mine, guitar player as well, who told me a few weeks back he had put together a small transistor amp... Maybe he can help me if/when there´s stuff like soldering involved.
  6. Cheers Scott! It´s nice to see this website is not only well, but even growing. Well, after having written that wall of words, of course I forgot a crucial detail. At first, I had the Godin plugged into the interface when I immediately noticed the hum. After unplugging and plugging the guitar into all 3 jacks, lowering the volume, etc. I leaned over to adjust the noise gate. As soon as I rested my hand on the laptop, the noise reduced considerably, and the second I stopped touching the laptop´s case...hum time! It´s a metal (aluminum I guess) case. So I thought to myself, "aha! Must be a
  7. tl;dr version; Just bought this guitar, humming issues, no experience in electronics, please help! Hello everyone...it´s been quite a long time since I last visited. I hope you guys are doing well. I just got myself a beautiful, previously owned Godin A6 Ultra, just got it today in the mail! As you can see, it was modded. I bought it on a site which I believe is owned by ebay. I´ve purchased many things there, and never had an issue. Certainly, I hope that is the case this time as well, but I would appreciate guidance. I have zero experience with electronics. Ok, so the guitar w
  8. It´s great to come back and see a new guitar from you, Scott. Spanish Cedar is grown here in Mexico, but I think it´s mostly for exporting. Last I remember researching on it, it´s a wood related to mahogany, not actually cedar. I´ve known woodworkers tell me it´s their favorite because of the smell when it´s being worked on. I hope the top you have works out, and the ziricote promises of another guitar, cool!
  9. Might that work? Could I set up an import-export operation here? J/K (except if it´s doable )
  10. I guess you could sandwich it between a back and top out of harder woods.
  11. No guitars in sight, haha. I´m studying translation and interpretation. Journalism? Interesting...hadn´t you finished some engineering?

  12. Sounds good! What master was that again? I've started studying journalism. I'm entering the second year now. Have you been building guitars? Cheers.

  13. I just had to try googling something and coming up with zilch-- cool! Good luck finding info!
  14. Hey man, indeed a long time. I´ve been well, all in all. Studying a Master´s and working. What´s up with you?

  15. Hey man, must've missed your birthday comment. Thanks! Long time no chat, how've you been? Cheers.

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