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  1. Thanks for the link. I'll ask him if that's what he's looking for.
  2. Is this one a good one then? 1994 GIBSON SJ-45 Deluxe Bicentennial Issue Acoustic
  3. I'm not familiar with acoustics. Can someone show me what a high quality Gibson acoustic would look like? I need to paint one for a commission. Different viewpoints of the same guitar would help, but what I really need to know is a place to start: what model is best to look for?
  4. Okay, the "track-ball" knobs set in the body, which I referenced in my last post, appear to be on Maverick Electric Guitars which has been discussed, with no great detail, on Project Guitar Forums in thisThumbwheel Knobs thread. There are no technical plans on how to do this? It's just regular potentiometers mounted sideways with a larger barrel? Man... that'd be a headache just to wire them, let alone making a cavity for them to live in.
  5. More slow than steady now. It's been a full year! I did go to Fiji to get married, among other things. Many life altering changes in the last year. Anywho, in keeping with the topic at hand, I finally broke down and ordered some fingerboards from Stewart McDonald. Body boards have been glued together and... in all this time, no one had any opinions on how I should transfer the graphics to the headstock, or body? Wow! How about advise on how to do the inlays? What tools should I use and what are some common mistakes to avoid? This is my first guitar project, after all. Updates for this, and other art projects, are listed in my profile on http://MegaData.gfxartist.com Before I forget, aren't there some kind of tuners that I can set in the body? I want volume and tone settings I can spin like a track-ball. Know what I mean? I think I've seen them on a guitar before, but I don't know where to get something like that. I'd really like to know, if anyone can point me in the right direction. I do have barrel knobs for this project, but there's enough wood for two guitar bodies. And that's how it starts. One idea grows into another... that's how I get overloaded with projects. Too many ideas to implement them all.
  6. It's been about a month since my last post. I bought the Black Walnut today. I'm creeping along slow and steady. I was hoping to use an alternative to Stewart-MacDonald for the Ebony Fingerboards... it may be easier to use them though. Some of these cheaper places just aren't very helpful or friendly. While I'm looking into that, does anyone have opinions on the best options for the transfer of my computer graphics onto the body/headstock? Should I use decals, handpaint the details with acrylics, or do something else?
  7. Mmm, you started this thread on Dave's birthday and didn't mention it? lol, shame on you! Did you catch all the info on why Dave called it the Axxion? Are you seriously considering making one of those? Will it be a bass guitar, because I noticed you have some quick sketches titled "new_bass_design." What are the things that make your design different from the Axxion? P.S. You get the new album yet?
  8. I'd just like to update everyone here that I have the Butternut for the body. I'll have to piece it together... Butternut is apparently more rare than Ebony because of a disease that effects the trees. Anyway, I'm just narrowing down where to purchase the Ebony fingerboard from and I should be able to get the rest of the materials easily. If you have suggestions on sources for Ebony, I'm interested, but I may have to just pick and choose a place soon. Spending a month on pricing and purchasing each type of wood wasn't the plan.
  9. Here's a small update to the Photoshop design as I'm closing in on some sources for wood...
  10. I'm a Warlock casting Necromatic Spellcraft all over the place. Actually, it was a bit of a typographical error. You just had two too many backslashes in the URL for the image. You almost had it.
  11. According to my reading, it's the other way around... for the body.
  12. I think that depends on your income. You would probably have to prove to the court that you cannot afford one. We're talking about guitars here so let's not go into how many times I've been in court, but I will say I am the plaintiff for a current case I filed and I was told one could be appointed to me... although that person was not a lawyer (the person who gave me the paperwork) and I did not look into that option. However, I did inquire about hiring a lawyer for my case. He said that his prices were $100 an hour and he suggested that I do not hire him or anyone else. It's not cost effective. Evidence man. It's all about evidence. Just hope the court sees the same things I do. I've been through mediation (where they try to settle things out of court) and that case goes to trial at the end of July.
  13. If you litigate against a company, and don't want to spend a small fortune, use a small claims civil suit! That's what small claims is there for. There are no lawyers to pay because small claims are not cost effective for a lawyer. If you want to go to court for claims over something like $5000, and can't afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you... Has anyone tried writing to the website and asking about who retains rights in this contest, or if a guitar will be made for the winner? The appropriate people to ask are probably not on this message board.
  14. Government websites are loaded with this kind of information. I only know the United States links. I don't know how this is applied to international protection. Just use protection when in doubt. The Library of Congress United States Copyright Office <--- your question is answered here United States Patent and Trademark Office <--- if you find out a copyright isn't what you need
  15. Last time I looked a Copyright costs $20 and a Trademark cost $250. For a little more than the cost of a "poor man's trademark" (registered mail costs around 10 USD) you could register your own Copyright.
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