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  1. Psychedelic Fuzz Rock onemanband Lucid Cream. I have a demo-EP out on: Bandcamp, Facebook and: Youtube Spread the Fuzz!
  2. Hi guys. Sorta hijacking this thread. I'm currently building a six-string bass. I'm gonna do the nut myself for the first time. I'm thinking of going with equal gap, but I have no idea as to what string spacing is appropriate. I want the string spacing to be tight, similar to a vintage jazz bass. I can't seem to find the dimensions I need. What equal gap measurements do you advise?
  3. Thanks! Indeed I have minimal tools. That way things get ugly before they become beautiful. Haha the Headstock logo is just the mockup, but I'm thinking of doing something similar. Cheers!
  4. The trussrod in place. The headstock roughly surformed to thickness: The fretboard is now clamped to the neck, waiting for the glue to dry. The pic of that somehow failed, but you'll see the results pretty soon anyway.
  5. Some more chiseling: After some surforming of the headstock:
  6. Hmm I like the more traditional feel of the original. Nothing wrong with the mockup idea though, I just like traditional shapes more
  7. Chipping away with a dull chisel: Just did the same with the headstock but haven't uploaded the pics yet.
  8. The rough results: Template screwed to headstock: Headstock routed (first pass) Sawing the neck to thickness:
  9. Routing the trussrod channel: Sawing the neck roughly to shape:
  10. Hand sawing the fretboard up to size. Took me about three hours of irritating work, but I'm happy with the results and doing it by hand makes me feel good when i'm done: Jigsawing the headstock template (did the body template the same way): Headstock template (unsanded) and fretboard on top of neck blank:
  11. Thanks. Shouldn't tell you this, but the reason the 12th has three and the higher fretmarkers two, is that I accidentally while forgetting to think, centerpointed two dots on the 15th fret. So I ended up doing a couple more
  12. Sawing the two body halves: The result: The other half is the same, so no use in taking a picture. Tomorrow I'll start routing the inner channels (the ones that will be sandwiched between the halves). Also I might rout the channel for the trussrod and fix myself a template for the headstock.
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