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  1. The wire-range pickups in the reissues are regular humbuckers. They have alnico magnets under the polepeices. They're very different from the original '72 era Wide Range's found in Tele Custom's and the Starcaster. Back on topic, nice guitar man!
  2. The power supply is able to power the other three pedals all at once, and their combined curret draw is a bit more than the DD3 draws. But yes, the pedal does work with the battery. mammoth guitars, the regulator idea sounds worth checking out. The original Japanese DD3 was the exact sasme model as the DD2, but maybe my taiwanese DD3A is different? Thanks for everyone's help, Matt
  3. mammoth guitars, No, the pedal isn't working with the adapter at all... Now that I think about it, I don't thinbk I've ever tried running the delay with a power supply before. The adapter I'm using is quite generic, it was laying around the house. The reverse of what I needed, but I turned the leads around this morning, so that the tip's positive. It looks like I'll have to take the thing apart. Could it be an issue with the AC jack? The thing is that the LED comes on, so there IS power going through. It's just not really working... And yeah, I'm plugged in the input.
  4. Hey guys, I just finished setting up my first real pedal board today. I'm daisy chaining from a single adapter. The adapters good for 300mA. The total draw for the pedals is 125mA-ish. They're all 9v pedals, and the polarity of the daisy chain is correct for all of them. My problem is, my Boss DD3 Delay won't work when it's plugged into the adapter. The LED comes on, but the effect dosen't happen. The other pedals in the chain are a Marshall Supervibe chorus, a MXR Distortion+, and a George Dennis Wah. They all work properly. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks guys, Ma
  5. I'm running through an Ampeg SuperJet, which I picked up for $450(400US) canadian. 50w combo, amazing cleans, but not very versatile. I have to turn it up SO loud to get a real tube drive tone out of it. If I were in your exact position and I couldn't find anything locally, I'd look for a vintage Traynor Bassmaster on eBay. They go for 500 on the high end, usually less, and they're THE "non big brand" head. There's also a million of them out there. If you know what you're doing, they can be modded into a virtual soundalike of a Bassman or a Plexi. A quick eBay search popped up four
  6. I'm just finishing a walnut guitar, it's currently strung up for a test fun proir to finishing. It's a bolt-on double cutaway, hardtail, double humbucker, with a maple neck and fretboard. 25.5 inch scale (647.7 mm), and the body is 1.75 inches(44.45mm) thick. It's a very, very, clear tone. Defined, but not harsh at all. I think the maple adds some high-end snap to the walnuts low end, making a very balanced midrange machine, which is really a very proper guitar sound. It's a great jazz tone. And it's so pretty. Like chocolate.
  7. I've got a Mighty Mite hardtail for my current project, and I'm wondering what the things made of. I was drilling the hole for the bridge grounding wire yesterday, and a new thought popped into my head. "Isn't this made of brass"? I've been searching the web, and I can't find any info. I'm suspicious that it's either brass, which won't need to be grounded, or aluminum, which will. The solder's not sticking to it, even after I scraped away a spot of finish. Anyone have any information on these parts? It's this one, at the top, btw Mighty Mite Bridges.
  8. The truss rod is adjustable at the headstock. There's a slot routed for the wrench, although it is a little hard to see in that picture.
  9. Kinda like a Charvel Model 4. It's an import Samick Superstrat with a Kahler. Looks fairly generic.
  10. Traynor has some amps in that price rang that are KILLER. The YCV40 and YCV50 are an amazing pair of amps. the 40 also comes in a 2X10 config, which is pretty cool. And the 50 has a blue tolex cover, and black grill...purty... YCV50BLUE YCV40
  11. I had a generic hard case for my acoustic, and it smelled like pine. I returned it when the leather handle simply fell apart. They didn't have the same one that would fit my Epiphone, so I got a different, cheaper, one in it's place... No nice pine smell here... Maybe it was the christmas tree?
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