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  1. First day of August 89 degrees, I could get used to this.
  2. Once I get one hot I like to soak it in penetrating oil,
  3. Well that one took a while. I have been acclimating myself this year. It makes the weekends much more enjoyable when you can go outside.
  4. I have a feeling this summer is going to be on the warm side and since doug is getting up in years I decided to install a puppy door, let me tell ya this is turning in to a money pit. I am having to swap the back door (the old one has a near full lenth window. Then a door big enough for a 130 lbs puppy. Plus paint blinds and any thing else I'm gonna have close to $500 in a doggy door. Dam On the plus side I might get to sleep all night once in.
  5. Wes I'm well aware of what libertarians are. As far as pros statement goes from where I stand I have seen a movement since 911 to do away with freedoms and privacy in the name of safety. That's from both the left and right. To be honest I don't see a lot of difference between the two major parties in the US.
  6. Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) another ruse put up by our politicians, a bait and switch, they say it's to stop human trafficing, but it gives our government the power to go in and shut down websites they don't like by simply claiming that unknown actors used the site to commit a crime. think about this if this site is used to facilitate a transaction. Say Bob ask john to build him a custom, Bob pays but john flakes out (how many times have we heard that one) so Bob pressed charges and john gets nailed on wirefraud now the FBI can shut pg down. Would they? Maybe someo
  7. At a certain age ya just got to stop trusting farts.
  8. Well here is how I see it if ya don't want to be around other people then don't. Sit in the back yard or move don't just curse people. But then again I don't help thing by smiling and laughing and being nice usually just pisses them off more.
  9. I got cussed out by a old lady and all I did was ask "how are you doing?" Last week I took the dog to the vet and he told me I need to start walking him to help his joints (he has a bad elbow). Today we where making our round and some old woman was sitting out side with her fat yapping fur ball who ran to the end of its leash and started barking. She started yelling and cussing I just smiled and wave asked how are you doing we kept walking.
  10. Mike no hurry but, let me know when ever you do it out we may be able to work something out.
  11. Mike to tell the truth my one of my biggest fears in life is loosing the ability to care for myself, I know I get that naturally my dad and grandmother where both very independent and I watched both loose that (niether did so gracefully). I don't think you can ever be ready for that kind of loss of mobility. On a lighter note I have a small collection of vintage radios, any way I was searching cl for stereos when I ran across a old radio shack realistic. That one wasnt really my tast but I don't have any realistic brand radios so I hit eBay and did a search for "realistic". Maybe
  12. Triple digits will be here soon enough don't rush it.
  13. I got my nine year old nephew coprolite for his birthday. Now he can tell everyone that I give the crappiest gifts.
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