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  1. I wouldn't say a 100 watt amp is over kill by any means, it's just not what people think it is. Most people think (and it's easy to understand why) that double the wattage double the volume and thats not how it works. You shouldn't have any volume problems with the new rig.
  2. A few things to chew on here It takes approximately 10x wattage to double the volume from a given driver. Currently your running 60w into a single 12 you would need to 600w to double your volume or 6w to half it. There are different classes of amps you will see class a, b, ab, d ect. This describes the basic circuitry in the amp and how it delivers power it's also why amps with the same wattage rating have different volume levels usually solid state amps arnt as loud as a tube amp. More speakers more volume. The easiest way to increase volume is add speakers. The average gui
  3. I hope Cody gets better quick. Isn't it amazing how attached you become to your dog.
  4. Active pickups are just pickups with built in preamps. With the emg guitar pickups you can run two batteries at 18v and get more boost if that is what you are wanting
  5. I don't think stacked single coils are gonna get you there. I have run across a few companies claiming to have the sound of the originals but I haven't dropped the cash to see
  6. Part of the deal with the magnets is that they are threaded and adjustable and it's a very expensive process to make a threaded magnet.
  7. Some times in retail you have to eat one and make the customer happy (especially a good customer). A lose now could mean gains in the future. Then again sometimes it's best to cut one loose. The trick is figuring out which is which.
  8. I see chisel marks,. It's always a treat when Scott brakes out his chisels.
  9. I thought it was cool when I saw it but the price got me too much for me
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