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  1. doug's was the only guitar that made me go wow, and then want me to look at it again, more than like 4 times. i love that guitar. the others were good as well, just i think doug capture the style i like.
  2. i love the Tele as well. I just think that it would be a less harder decision if he put white soaps on instead of cream. I think white would have been better with that light blue.
  3. hey, welcome, i got heat too. LA is killer right now. My part of LA has been in triple digits for most the summer now. Well, welcome, and hope you have fun and get the cool information that this forum has to offer.
  4. check universal jems man. Brian has like everything at the best prices. EDIT; http://www.universaljems.com/cart/bridgent712.htm here man.
  5. in robotics, we cut with a bandsaw. if you dont have one, on my guitar i used a hacksaw. id recomend a saber saw.
  6. oh, i got a challenge if you are willing to make an interface for this thing. A tunner built in. The middle two poles will light green if its in tune. That would be crazy. And then maybe add in a little LED screen to show the note to make sure you are in the right key. that would be killer.
  7. what if you wond a pickup, but placed a strip of those flat LEDs on the poles. Connect the LED to the pickupwindings or separately. I dont know if it will work, but would be awsome if it did.
  8. my guitar, now my only i broke my first one and my project one is in paint, is an Artcore Ibanez. I love the sound, its perfect for me. Not that expensive, i got the one with a bigsby style trem. never had any problems with it, and have been complimented with it by friends who own Gretches, Gibsons, and others. I like it, what it comes down to is spending a day at a Guitar Center and trying out all the guitars people name or look cool Get the one you feel is the best to play both physically and sound quality for your budget.
  9. think what you want. i cant change your mind because there are plenty of kids my age that do steal. And if you read closely i said it was an evaluation thing. It let me use the program for a month, but i got rid of it now because i need the space, my old computer only has 80 gigs, and i loaded a lot of engineering software from my robotics team on it (autodesk inventor and 3dsmax), which takes up a big chunck of memory. I needed more room so i took it off because i was happy with tracktion. If there is one thing i hate, its me being accused of something i didnt do. Just because im young doesnt mean i freaken download illegally. I do care if you leave it in the dust, i dont want you or anyone else to get a false impression of me. I know piracy is bad, but people take it too far and look in the wrong place, and example MXTabs got taken down because of blame, yet Limewire or whatever it is people use now is still up. Not blaming you Gorecki, just saying the overall majority of people that complain. And i do support PACE and what they are doing with Digidesign with the iLok system. I think thats what a dongle is, but im not sure, anyways i dont think piracy is right, i still buy my software when i need it, which i havent needed to until about a week or two ago, and i get music from online pay sites sometime but usually my local Tower Records.
  10. well, i have my desktop for quality music. Im going to use the laptop for engineering and cad work. Just to prove my inocence, you need a dongle to run Cubase, and i dont have one nor know what the heck it does. I dont think it can be pirated easily and i dont know how to crack stuff. I just want to keep a good rep, and not look like a theif.
  11. my friend gave it to me and i think its with a try it before you buy it think. So i get like a few days with it. Im trying it out. I dont steal, sorry if it seemed like i did. i think ill stick with Tracktion though, it seems pretty cool. Im taking cubase off today because it expires in like a week. Also, i need a laptop, i just found out that the tablet pc laptops now have intel duo's, so im going to use my money on that. thanks for all the help everyone. Thanks chump, and i understand your concern Gorecki. Its off my computer right now, so no worry at all. Reaper is pretty cool, i just installed it. well, thanks again.
  12. I got a high quality 1/4" to 1/8" converter from my Zoom 606. i get decent quality. I like what i have, just i need help using Cubase. Greg, i got Reaper, and thanks, i just downloaded the setup so if i dont like cubase ill just intall it. I sent an email chomp, but you havent replied. i still need help.
  13. I have Cubase SX 3. I dont know how to use it. Anyone know where i can? I will look into Tracktion.
  14. bump. i know it hasnt been long, but i want a software name soon. there are some sweet deals on laptops and im tempted to buy one instead of software (i need the software more). So can anyone tell me a program thats easy to use and has the 4 characteristics mentioned above. thanks. I dont have time to do research on all the names mentioned, so thats why. Post the name and ill talley and rate the posts (rate as in ill put some person i know is reliable on the forums a little more, so maybe 2 talley marks.) and ill take what i think is the best from referance as well as sounds good from research i will do. Thanks so much. Feels good to be back, my parents wouldnt let me online that much over the school year, so now that its summer, im on again. i got a lot of catching up to do on a few topics. Well, hope i get more replies.
  15. Well, then i need help. Here is what i want to do: 1. Can record while listening to another track to make sure im on beat. 2. Can make a clean record and then add effects like distortion after its recorded. 3. Has a lot of effects. 4. Good quality Thats about it. I know a lot are of software mentioned. I use PC, i prefer it. I know how to use a Mac, but PC's are just more versitile, but thats another discussion. Thanks for the help.
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