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  1. Thanks for posting this for our members
  2. Yup doing well and I may have new tools and a few guitars to share this summer..........
  3. How's it going everyone?
  4. Yes, There was a good tribute on XM deep tracks last night...............
  5. Yup 54 and ale in one hand gorgeous babe in the other well off to bed wink wink
  6. I think you'll have to remember that there is also a time barrier that new members have to put up with as far as posting. We put that in a long time ago to curb flaming post's. They have to wait for time to pass between post's. It's also there to prevent messenger spamming, remember when we had a problem with new members joining just to spam everyone's PM box? 10 seems to work fine and a new member can make his or her post count even in the off topics section........
  7. Curious because I'm planning a trip there soon...........
  8. Before adjusting anything make sure your guitar is strung up correctly and that your neck has the correct amount of relief and is not excessively bowed or warped. If your neck is bowed you first need to adjust the truss rod and check that the nut is good. If your neck is warped it will require a more extensive repair. Also check that the angle of the tremolo unit is correctly set and not floating at an angle. This would require setting up prior to any work on the rest of the instrument. In general it is recommended that all other avenues of instrument setup are checked before resorting to the
  9. Sounds good to me, it is way past due for an update............
  10. Here you go and thanks for the heads up> http://www.projectguitar.com/menu/gallery.htm
  11. First of all a BIG Thank You to pauliemc for the Donation to help keep Project Guitar and the Forum running.... On another note Thank You Prostheta for taking on the responsibility of dealing with the forum software problems, he has been upgraded to an Administrator so he has the ability to tweak the system and keep it running smoothly............
  12. With any upgrade there are bound to be a few problems, I just upgraded Prostheta to an Admin position so he can take care of the problems....
  13. Hi Guy's, First of all I'm not up against the rails but any help is appreciated. There are two Paypal address that you can send your donations too. Either Donate@projectguitar.com or My personal email address becalvert@hotmail.com Somebody asked a little while ago how much it takes to keep Project Guitar.com going, the answer is simple, The main website is $19.95 a month and the forum runs $29.95 a month. Personally it's worth it to me because I learn so much and when it comes to the forum I really do like a place to go that isn't filled with banners and ad's like all of the older places
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