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  1. awesome thanks! thats exactly the one i was thinking of
  2. I remember a long while ago somebody here posted a tutorial for doing an LED fretmarker installation, but I cant find it because the stupid search wont let me use the word 'led' since it is less than 4 characters does anyone happen to have a link to it or can direct me to a good one? im particularly interested in the choice of what LED's were used and the way I remember the guy had placed the resistors in a channel or something but I cant remember exactly.
  3. theoretically it would. this bass however just allows many possiblities for thick harmonies across strings involving minor seconds.
  4. ooh ooh heres mine!(from ebay) Q: what is the body wood? also where did you get the pickup wound at? can you describe the sound of the bass a little more? what sort of structural support is there in the neck since theres 13 strings = about 450 lbs of pressure on the neck? A: THE BODY IS MADE OF PINE, I WOUND THE PICK-UP MYSELF, WHEN I DID HAVE IT WIRED UP IT WAS DEEP & THE NECK HAS GOT TWO TRUSS ROD'S INSIDE IT! HOPE THAT HELP'S, JIM.
  5. i almost feel like buying that bass just so i can 1) give him bad feedback and 2) see it in real life for myself for a good laugh. maybe we should all pitch in the money to buy it and make it a community humor piece. anybody notice it has a model number now? the sb13-p!
  6. so i was watching the first posted video and chuckling a bit, but then i started watching that photo slideshow and now i realize the big stink...did this dude seriously laminate a bunch of pine trim boards from home depot with duct tape and try to make a 13 string bass from it? this is a joke? haha he has a slipknot tatoo on his left arm. what a knob. for a second edit....what use is a truss rod if you gouge 2 channels in the neck and then glue plywood on top of them?
  7. http://www.thewoodwell.com/ ive gotten a few from these guys. really cheap and they sell pretty big ones. their flame maple veneer was big enough to cover a flying v!
  8. hondo huh. ok cool. there was a jackson logo on the headstock that i guess i took at face value but then again it did look kind of funny and i wonder if the guy who was working on it before me added it himself for whatever reason. he did alot of strange things to this guitar and basically trashed it and color-penciled really poorly drawn flames onto the top, along with adding alot of dents and gouges that i had to fill. he was a real knob who apparently always insisted on eating bananas onstage at shows because it made him play faster???
  9. thats a really old beat to **** jackson rhoads v that i bought almost 3 years ago for 25 bucks. i had posted a few questions about work on it 2 summers ago when i was working on it, and then i got really busy and had to leave it. anyways so i pulled it back out and finished the staining and am starting to clearcoat it. right now the photo you see it is drying from the grain filler i used to level out the flamed maple. that maple is just a paper thin veneer btw, the actual guitar is plywood underneath the staining was pretty simple, took me a while to figure out how to get it to not ble
  10. you know youre right it is galvanized steel. I was just running my mouth when I said aluminum. It came from a roll of that roof flashing that we had lying around. I dont have near as much time to tinker with guitars and such as I used to, as playing is my primary focus and takes up almost all of my time now. I like this single coil driver, and i may mess with some of hte more advanced drivers you guys are working with if time permits.
  11. So i dusted off some of my magnet wire and wound up a driver and such this morning since ive been toying with the idea of buying a fernandes for my ibanez s. I quickly wired up a (roughly) little gem circuit with parts i scrounged from various places and i have a really awesome sounding sustainer! I made the driver from magnet wire that i bought at a closing radio shack last year(30 awg), an alnico magnet from an old epiphone pickup and some cd cases. the core is a really thin piece of aluminum roof flashing. I think i may have just gotten lucky with the right combo of found parts, because
  12. An aside first..Ive been tinkering with drivers from the ongoing stream of conciousness on the sustainer thread over the last few years. really cool stuff, although ive never been able to put together a really good solid one, but thats just my own technical skills with building. I seriously want one of the fernandez sustainers. I have an ibanez s series and i wanted to see about putting in the sustainer kit for guitars with neck humbuckers. I was wondering 2 things - 1) does anyone know where to buy one, because they seem to be discontinued or massively out of stock and 2) has anyone ins
  13. actually taking out the zero point bar took care of my problem. Now it reacts to where I can whack the bar down and get that 'cat pur' sound like Vai does and its just much better all around. Thanks for the help everyone!
  14. hmm i suppose i should try disabling the zero point deal...is that just the metal bar with the small springs in the cavity? If youre familiar with it that is...i think ill try that first then.
  15. So I have an ibanez s1620 with a zr trem in it...and i dont really like it. Because of the unconventional mechanism it doesnt do alot of the out there whammy tricks ala steve vai that you can get with other trems like the edges and floyd rose and whatnot. So basically im looking for routing templates/size specs on the ZR and on preferably any of the edge bridges that have been used in the jem guitars over the years, ive been unable to find any so far. Im looking to see how much work it would be to switch the unit out, as I love the guitar and the whammy is an important part of what I do so
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