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  1. build a jazzmaster with his templates...body is done and got the pickguard today...neither the lower horn, nor the pickup placement and the neck pocket fit at all...way off...i know i should have ordered the pickguard before building the body, but still...
  2. ordered three times from him and got 5 sets until today...except for one strat set, all of them werent exact...got sick of complaining and argueing with him...just wont buy from him anymore...
  3. Hi, started this Jazzmaster build last weekend. Its a 2-piece swamp ash body. The rest can be seen in the pictures. The pickup routings are way deeper than original, but i wanted to keep the chance to put in humbuckers. PIC2 PIC3 PIC4 PIC5 PIC6
  4. Hi, I'll be building a 1-piece Strat neck this weekend, but I still need a trussrod for it. Does anyone know, where I can get it?? Thanks.
  5. its 38mm...the neck laminate sounds good. thought about that, too. @RGGR: the inner horns aren't finished, neither is the rest. that was the rough cut mit the rasp, and a little sanding on the outside. will post more pictures later...
  6. thanks, actually i did the lamination thing, because "the wings" werenot wide enough. looks really cool in my opinion. The bridge depends on the pickups. i thought about using p-90s...then i might go for the wraparound. otherwise tone-o-matic.
  7. Hi, i started my new project this morning. It is a copy of an sg. there's actually nothing really special about it. The specs are: Standard Dimensions (Body, Headstock, Poti, Pickguard, aso.) Body: mahogany - maple - mahogany - maple - mahogany Neck: Set. Not sure yet about the wood. Maple or mahogany (What do you think??) Hardware: Depends on how good the guitar turns out. :-) If its really great, i'll go for the best stuff i can get. If its suck, i might sell it on ebay. Finish: Translucent Red Picture2 Would be great if anyone could give me an advise where to get great finishes and epoxy filler in germany. Thanks a lot. Helge
  8. i would keep it the way it is. maybe clean it up a little and then put in a display case. the cracked top is part of this instruments history. would love to see some pictures.
  9. ok thanks...is there a way to use the pod without all these amp and cabinet models...just the effects and does the pod have a bypass???
  10. hi, might be a little of topic, but i'm still putting it in here. my problem is. i'm going to buy a engl powerball in the next couple of weeks and also would like to buy a pod xt pro, because when i tested it out, i really like some of the effects. i also have some boss and some 19" effects. thats not much of a problem so far, but how to i plug them all into the engl amp??? i really dont need all the amp and cabinet models from the pod, because i cant think of a better sound, then the engl already has. can i use just the effects??? would be really great, if you guys could help me with this. thanks a lot.
  11. i can adjust them with the screw-nut, but right now its the highest, so that the cover still fits on it...
  12. hi, thanks for the quick answers...i'm also still thinking about the finish of the wood...its just, that i dont like it black or dark in any way...the idea with the aluminium is great...might do that...the pedals are holded down by screws...i kept two original screws in the pedal and got me the exact screws, just longer and then drilled them through the board into the original holes in the pedal...its really save and they will never come off, unless i want them to...and yeah, there is space under the raised bits...the powercables are there...hate it, when they are all over the place...i can take some more closeup pictures, if you are interested...
  13. Hi, if anyone is interested, i finished my new board last weekend. as you can see the pedals are at three different heights, so that they are all easily reachable. well, heres the pic. let me know, what you think about it.
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