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  2. It's the first anniversary of the Tremol-No being available to the public! I just wanted to put up a quick note and say THANK YOU to everyone who's purchased a Tremol-No over the past year. The last year has been a great experience, and I'm lucky to have the best customers in the world. I look forward to doing this every year, for many years. So, once again: THANK YOU!!! ProjectGuitar.com, and it's members, were instrumental (pun fully intended) in testing and eventually bringing the Tremol-No to the public. Without the folks here, there probably wouldn't be a Tremol-No. A hearty hat-tip from me to all of you.
  3. Hey Everyone!!! Sorry about the mini-sabatical. It's tough getting a new product up and running. Time gets so incredibly limited. Things have calmed down a bit (while sales have gone through the roof!), and I'm doing my best to make time for all my favorite forums. I know...I know...those on the Matthew McConnaughey forum will have to do without me for a while, but... It's awesome to have Wes back, and to see Scott helping Brian and I out. With the immense popularity of this place, we need all the help we can get! LOL I've got some heavy duty reading to do, so I'm gonna jump on that. I'll try to update everyone as to everything that's happened recently. Not all at once though. Thanks everyone! See ya around the forum!
  4. I swear I'm going to rename the Support section "Naked Chicks!" just so people will *accidentally* click on it. There are more hits to the Privacy statement than the Support section. LOL The problems with doing backplates and selling them are many: - So many different shapes and designs and thicknesses and colors and...well, you get the idea. - Setups vary on each guitar. So, the thumbscrew location on your guitar might be a little bit forward or backward from my guitar. Most major manufactuers have backplates available, and they're usually pretty cheap. Pick up an extra one and cut an access hole into it. You can use the templates on the T-No site as a guideline, then make whatever adjustments you need for your particular guitar's setup. Extending the thumbscrews is a little more difficult. :-) The thumbscrews for the Tremol-No are the same size as the fine tuners on the Ibanez Edge/LoPro trems, except shorter. You can pick up a couple of those fine tuner screws from an Ibanez parts dealer, then trim them to whatever length you desire. Ok folks. Thanks for hangin' in there with me during this whole process. I really appreciate it. Thanks for all your kind words and suggestions. I will continue to work on advancements to bring you the best Tremol-No possible. If anyone has questions, they can email me (kevan@tremol-no.com) or may post on the T-No forum. Again, thanks everyone! Enjoy your Tremol-No's! THREAD CLOSED
  5. Very cool. The Eggle stuff is nice. I'm glad to see that an Irish lad is enjoying the Tremol-No. Thanks. Unfortunately, I have to step away from this thread now (my attorney is going to beat me like a rented goalie! LOL). This thread was originally about supplying the members here with progress updates, and now that the unit is available to the public we can probably finish this one up.
  6. Everyone's getting huffy-puffy over a purely hypothetical sentence. Let's all re-read it, just for fun: And if a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his azz. The keyword there is "IF". Next we have: But just one page back we have: And speaking from experience, just because it's "published" doesn't necessarily mean that it's "available online", esp. when it comes to the USPTO.
  7. Setch- check the dates on Crafty's previous posts. He's correct. Crafty- I never listed a patent number. I have always said "patent pending".
  8. The device I tested is the one used for my comparison chart. I see that a couple of different models are offered now (though no pictures). I'll update my comparison chart with the new information. It wasn't on that site last week...... The Tremol-No is now available through AllParts. Part # BP_2005-010. You can order via their site (www.allparts.com) or by phone. If anyone has questions about the unit, we have a new forum over on Tremol-No.com. I'll be taking care of most of your tech questions there to keep ProjectGuitar as uncluttered as possible. Thanks everyone.
  9. A little scrolling goes a LONG way. In this case, it goes one more page back. This whole thing came up back on Page 15 with Matt's post. Let's start there and work our way forward.... Mmm, not quite. The fine is actually less than $500 for each infraction, and it is enforced through private infringment actions, not the federal prosecutor. One half of the fine goes to the party bringing the action, the other half goes to the government. No confinement or jury trials, either, from what I understand of section 292. Still, though, can you imagine getting fined $500 for each sticker? Damn. That's a bitter horse pill to swallow. BTW, after doing a bit of searching on the Internet, I found a few intellectual property law firms that are claiming it is indeed a "felony to deceive the public by stating a product is "patent pending" when it is not". I do not believe this is correct information in this context. If you are deceiving the public in order to commit other crimes which may be felonies, such as securities fraud, then yes, that deception could be a felony. However, it is not clearly spelled out in the statute that labeling a product as "Patent Pending" is punishable as a felony offense. When I get back to the office on Monday, I'll check the actual USC and ask our trademarks guy what's up with that. I did not accuse anyone of any wrong-doing anywhere in there, or anywhere else on this site.
  10. Here's another couple for ya: -The Fender Synchronized Tremolo System is actually mis-named. Leo named it a "tremolo" system, but in correct musical terms, it should be called a "vibrato" system. -The Fender Synchronized Tremolo System was actually designed to float! Guitars would leave the factory with about 1/2 a step of pitch raise capability. Most stores screwed the trems down so that they only dropped pitch; so first-time players wouldn't get frustrated with the issues associated with a floating system. It wasn't the best floating system, but it was a good try. Thankfully, Mr. Rose came along 25 years later and improved things.
  11. Too bad about the watermarks.
  12. Whoa....settle down, big fella. I didn't get your PM until a minute ago. If you just put the url up, the forum software will automatically turn it into a link for folks to click on. Do that will all the pics, then after you PREVIEW your post, go back and use the IMG tag for the pic you want to show up in the thread. If it continues to jack up like this, check your computer settings. You might need a cache or cookie clear, or something to that effect. Let me know if you still have problems. And let us all know when that bad boy (literally) is completed!
  13. Matt- looks great, but what are the rules about pics in posts?
  14. Well, since there was only one acceptance, there's no need for a week of voting. Perry- you're on it. Get crackin', my man. Let Brian or I know if you need any assistance. Thanks everyone! THREAD CLOSED
  15. If I'm looking for a custom guitar, I'm not going to go to the Announcements section of a forum. I'll probably check the Classifieds first (then whip out a Search. LOL). That's just kooky ol' me.
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