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  1. Here are some of my most favorite guitar shapes. Muddy Wood Guitar Maxxas 540Pii WRB Iceman/Destroyer combi Performer
  2. When you do it all by hand, aren't you in full control off this. Meaning.....if slimness is the goal, you can just trim it down as much as you like.
  3. You're aware of this link, right? http://www.speakeasy.org/~sven/site/radius.html Never done a Sabre shape myself.....but do know some builders on this site have attempted it with some very nice results. Look here: http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...ic=26137&hl Maybe you should PM him and get some pointers. Didn't seem like awful complicated build. The thing that throws me is not the curve on the body but the input jack. Would not know how I could pull that one off. That's route I would take, make a template...and practice curving body on cheaper piece of body wood, but not through industrial copy-carving route, but involving more elbow grease and simple sanding disks/blocks/scrapers/etc. Sometimes these things look sooo complicated but once you start with them they seem rather do-able. With S body in the house, you should get decent measurements, and should come close.
  4. Would the mover & shaker consider building one from scratch? Seen couple of other builders pull this off in the last few years. Contour of body equals Radius plans that sing around the web. Bought one of these SC500N's recently, and it has the same Sabre body shape. Never knew it was such a fine shape, considering I have had my fair share of exposure to the JS / Radius shape.
  5. Do you mind sharing where you found that vareigated gold leaf?
  6. Maybe a stupid question.....but what does a B-Bender do exactly? Never mind......
  7. Not sure if I'm such a fan of the straight corners in that trem route. I would have used the smaller 3/8" router bit for it.
  8. That's work by Charles Goldman not my pile.
  9. Scrapwood? Every body I have cut out body blank resulted in some pieces of scrapwood. Some big, some small. The big ones are mostly too small to built new body from. Is there clever idea to use them in future body. Know MIM Strats are made out of 7 or 8 different pieces of wood with veneer on front and back. Are there other more clever solutions. Just wanting to pick you brains.
  10. Why didn't you position the pinstripe a bit lower, so it wouldn't be covered partly by the neckplate? Just wonder.
  11. Normally not a big fan of this relic craze that seems to be going on lately. Do love the SRV and Rory originals, but like I said the originals. Not the fake copies. Till I bumped into this. link I think they are simply gorgeous. Almost too perfect. I was wondering how this was done. The first thing that popped in my mind was walnut shell blasting. Like sand blasting, but less aggressive. The other thought was that the paint may not have been taken off, but slowly build up. Can't believe how this otherwise could have been done. As layering in the paint is so nicely exposed. link Here are the original links here and here One pic per post please unless in the in progess and finished topic section. just a friendly reminder!! Mikro
  12. Has anyone seen the DVD ZZ Top live in Texas? On there, Billy Gibbons play this old Telecaster with the front routing exposed and some kinda little 59 as a bridge pick-up. It's missing it's pickguard, I guess. Funky thing is, the control routing seems to be done from the back. Is this normal? I'm not very familiar with the telecaster, but all the tele bodies I see on evil bay (et al.) are all front routed for the control cavity?
  13. Not using Tremolo's also makes you can use a thinner body.
  14. Work, shitty weather, and other BS has kept me away from making sawdust lately. I did glue up a nice Wenge/Zebrano/Wenge/Zebrano/Wenge neck blank.
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