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  1. I kinda agree with sambo, trans blue with a black burst and natural binding would look awesome genbloke
  2. Looks good cyclone To me the heel contour looks very nice except where it meets the body, to me it doesn't flow too well. How about contouring it so it follows the horns like this? >contour genbloke
  3. tskullt-pm sent, I don't won't to hijack this thread. genbloke
  4. I personally don't like Ovations, I don't get along with the bowl back designs (they seem to rock around alot when I play one) and the sound don't seem 'woody' enough to me, BUT the piezo type sound they produce seem to cut through the mix better than a lot of other acoustics genbloke
  5. thedoctor- yeah, I've no intention on movving it. It is in an awkward position but it isn't bad enough for me to fix it. idch-I have problems with knocking the pickup selector on std teles too hence building this one, welll I almost solved the problem! I'll know better on my next project. genbloke
  6. OK I'll go first, The volume knob is a bit to far forward (the one next to the bridge pickup) so i bang my hand on it sometimes, a rib contour would've be nice too. Other than that I'm quite happy with it my tele genbloke
  7. Simo, exchange rate is quite good at the moment, it still might be worth shipping from the states depending on your budget. You could get your neck and some hardware (pickups bridges etc are generally a lot cheaper in the states) from the same place and only get stung once on the P+P genbloke
  8. looking nice RGGR. Is that paint on the surface? I'm only asking 'cos it looks like your using a 'guide coat' to see where you've sanded (a car repair technique to see where the 'high spots' are when filling a dent) genbloke
  9. Hi guys, I've recently completed my tele project which has magnetic pickups and a piezo pick up. Output from the guitar is via a stereo jack which I've wired as below: wiring To switch between the pickup types I thought of wiring a switch in a stomp box so that both pickups connect to the output of the stomp box but one of the pickups will always be shorted to earth, kinda like a kill switch, switch box What do you this? Will it work, is this the best way to wire it up to prevent popping when changing over? thanks genbloke
  10. welcome i-j-c good to see another brit What do you plan to build, design/woods/finish? genbloke
  11. Alexander, Bathink was saying that you can go to an auto paints dealer, do a search on the net or look in the local yellow pages. Some places can custom mix a colour for you, then stick it in a spray can. I've paid about £7-8 in the past for this. The paint is normally a lot better quality than Halfords acrylic stuff and the spray nozzles are normally very good too (they give a fan type spray pattern rather than the usual 'splodge'). genbloke
  12. Drak, I love the way how you cut out the cavity covers, very impressive. I'm just curious, what was the reasoning behind CA'ing the interior? genbloke
  13. AcousticSmash, There isn't a headstock angle on a standard strat neck genbloke
  14. More pics posted below. Everything is almost complete, just the cavity covers and a proper set up to sort out . contoured heal another pic genbloke
  15. To me the first one is best, the 'angular' appearence matches the look of the rest of the guitar. If you want the 'BOCASTER' logo on the guitar, I rekon it'll look better without the letters following a curve, again this will go with the whole stright lines look. All IMHO of course. genbloke
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