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  1. The bottom leg of the U clips into the plate the same way as the arm does, but I think the top part just inserts and rests inside the plate. The annoying this is, I actually own a K7, but its 380 miles away at my parents house. If I can't find the information, I'll wait until i'm next up and rip it apart for all the answers!
  2. This might be a silly question, but how easy do you think it will be to modify a standard Lo Pro Edge 7 to accept the U-Bar? I really like the silver/chrome Lo Pro Edge 7s, however they don't make them with the extra hole in for the U-bar...
  3. I've used that technique before on getting TOM studs out, but wasn't sure if that will work on the Lo Pro ones. When putting the new studs in, is it worth sticking a dab of glue on them or just push them in and they will be secure?
  4. That diagram is really helpful, and looking at it seems to confirm that the Lo Pro Edge will fit in with little to no modifying needed. What's the best way to remove the old stud posts?
  5. That would be really helpful. The Lo TRS posts are in the same locations as the Lo Pro Edge which is a good start!
  6. Hi guys, How much work will be need to change the bridge over from a Lo-TRS trem to a Lo Pro Edge 7? Also, will it make it more difficult to intonate? Cheers
  7. I'm looking for something similar to the GP100, but not sure where to start. Anyone got any recommendations for things to check out?
  8. Thats awesome! But, what does it sound like?!
  9. I'm just pondering this idea at the moment for a 2x12 cab with a switch to turn it into 2 1x12 speakers. But i'm struggling on how to wire that upto a switch or if its even possible?
  10. I use D'Addario 10s and a .56 for the 7th string. I've tried a few makes and gauges, but nothing is as good as D'Addario, in my opinion, and its a humble one.
  11. You tried changing the battery, just in case?
  12. This as in, i agree with what Wes said.
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