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  1. So using a different scale length to create a different sound is out of the question unless you really know what you are doing. Cool guys cheers for the info
  2. Im building it around a 24fret board and measuring pickup positions etc from a SG. Ive accomidated it and changed the length to fit in the additional two frets because my SG only has 22frets i have made the scale length longer. I have also made it longer to fit the neck in. Would it be better to just base it around the standard SG length and accomodate my design around it but by keeping it with 24frets. thanks
  3. Hi All Just drawn up some plans for my first guitar build and the scale length has ended up being 66.5cms in total length. I have read previously in books that state lengths that the leading guitar makers use. Is it best to base it around one of these to be sure that the guitar will work. Overal my scale length is longer than the ones used. Does the scale length matter and does it have to be to a standardised size inorder for it to work or will the scale length that i have ended up with work regardless. Thanks
  4. Hi All Does anybody know what make of guitar and specification that the lead plays in the lost prophets video 'last summer'. Cheers
  5. Hi all I am currently in the process of building my first guitar and i am at the stage of shaping the neck. Would anybody be willing to share there method and the tools used to shape a neck as i am slighly unsure of where to start. Cheers
  6. Bassically you have to ask yourself how much money can i really afford to spend on a router. You really should get the best that you can afford. Ive had experience where as i bought an inexpensive router and wasnt upto the standard that i required. So i took it back to the shop and bought a black and decker and it hasnt failed me yet. You also have to think that you are likely to have this tool with you for many years to come so it is worth while getting a decent piece of kit.
  7. Bassically ive managed to get hold of a cheap battered up guitar where i can basically realocate the parts from it to put in a new guitar. From what i can tell the trus rod should be fine and i would also like to gain experience of removing a fretboard.
  8. Hi All Would anybody have any advice or methods on how to remove an entire fingerboard from a guitar neck by avoiding as much damage as possible to the actual neck. I basically want to remove the truss rod to put in a different guitar. Cheers
  9. Hi all I have a logistical question as in regards to using a tunatmatic bridge from a Gibson SG style guitar with a slanted neck on a straignt necked guitar. I presume that i will just have to make the neck sit higher in the body. Will this work or will there be any problems with this. All comments would be greatly appreciated because this is my first build Cheers
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