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  1. Ooops sorry Chris! I didn't mean it in a bad way - I like the Washburns & your designs. It was just the stubby horns that did it!
  2. What's happening? Where's the BOWWAHDII?
  3. "what sith the hardness of the timbers I'm using." Oh no! - you've done it now! You're on your way to the Dark Side!
  4. I can beat ya with the church - I have one about 5 miles away from me that's a tad older - it dates from 670AD & has been in almost constant use since (all but about 10 years in the 19th century). It's obviously not as grand as Barcelona. My parents lived in the cottage at the right of the picture for about 2 years when they were 1st married. Any way hurry up & finish this thing - I love destroyers! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escomb_Church
  5. wonders what we're getting this time....
  6. I know the feeling.... my workshop/woodstore is the attic of my house. In the winter it's barely above freezing & in the summer it hits 40'c with no ventilation - at least the humidity is fairly stable.... in the summer I try to use power tools only - any handtool use & I'm sweating buckets & get dehydrated quickly or if the weather is good (like lately - unusual for my part of the UK lol!) drag everything down & work outside but I need to get a good enough period of time to make this worthwhile.
  7. I have no words to say but I have some letters for you... O-M-G. G-O-T-M
  8. I'm sure that you're all fairly familiar with the works of Dr Glen Morangie too? I have had the pleasure of working alongside him on a number of occasions and his work is outstanding. I'll also have to introduce you all to Herr Schnapps one of these days - in fact I have him staying with me this evening. I may even be able to persuade him to pop on here and say a few words this evening - but be warned - he can sometimes be a little "high-brow" & difficult to understand (it's the accent, you know). Tonight = Tomorrow = Any way I digress - great work so far - I'm looking forward to seeing these finished.....
  9. Luis - it will be a sad day for all if you quit - you are one of a handful of builders I take inspiration from. Why don't you use oil or wax finishes? I think your guitars would look just as good with them. Or sub-contract them.
  10. coming along nicely Scott! Loving everything so far.
  11. Scott - just hurry up & finish the damned thing!
  12. Whilst it may not be saveable - I hope you got some good "CLEAR" shots before hand sorry Paulie - I couldn't help it even tho' I shouldn't laugh at other's misfortune. Try removing the battery, soak the camera in IPA for a couple of hrs & then leave it somewhere warm to dry out. maybe it should work.
  13. Yeah I did toy with the idea of a pearloid cover but I really wanted it to recessed without screws & the pearloid was just too thin to fit the magnets - so I went with my original plan of the flamed ash - I wanted to make it a feature but also blend in too but also be different. And if you look at the grain (not the flame) it does blend in quite well.
  14. FB marked up ready for slotting. I think that's all thats missing pics wise.
  15. Here are some of the pics that were lost in the server crash. Body after veneering. Neck blank after cutting - I picked this up on ebay for £8.50 - bargain! The 4 fretboards I had available at the time - L-R Wenge, Hond Rw & 2x Mabolo Ebony - I went with the RW which looks surprisingly light coloured in this pic. Back of the body. Truss rod routed & fitted.
  16. You seriously need to invest in LOTS more clamps!
  17. I'm in!!!! I'll bring some of my homebrew!, At the moment I have sitting waiting to be consumed :- 30pts of Mexican Cerveza, 30pts of Sparkling Ale, 40pts of Brown Ale (like Newcastle), 5 bottles of Bramble wine, 5 bottles of Pinot Grigio & 10 bottles of Merlot. And in a week's time I will have 40pts of Yorkshire Bitter & 30 bottles of Schnapps ready to drink! So who else is coming to the Party of the 21st Century?
  18. Yeah. I find the process of working on this thing sooooo enjoyable, I keep finding ways to make it go on longer, so the fun never ends. Sheesh. SR I'll remind you of this next time the damned thing throws itself on the floor in a tantrum...
  19. I agree - being self critical is a good thing & yes he has improved 10 fold & he was good to start with. I also agree with your analogy, critics only remember bad reviews. But being self-critical for the sake of it is self-defeating. Constructive criticism is a good thing. Stand back & say "It's good - but how could I make it better" don't look at it and judge it as bad - because we can all see it's not - unless your pics are Photoshop'd. I used to be an athlete at school & guys who just got a PB slated themselves saying they could have done better.
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