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    Kickin major ass...................Not really, I'm actually pretty much a pacifist. With INCREDIBLE tricepts.
  1. What's the best acoustic pickup for the most reasonable price out there? If I don't hear anything, I'll probabably just pick up a Dean Markley. Thanks
  2. Well, I watched it today, and the end result is that I now pretty much worship Pete Townshend. I love his playing style, and I loved watching him solo. I mean, for me his solos were the ultimate rock solos, for me. I can pretty much only play blues solos, as I spend most my time in minor pentatonic. Does anyone have any information on some of the scales he used? Different forms of minor/major pentatonic? I'm lost
  3. Last year in shop class I made most of a 4x12 guitar cabinet. I never got to finish. The back has slight gaps in it, between the edges and the actual back piece, we're talking 1 mm gaps, and there are a few of them. I never planned on tolexing it, and I was wondering if the tiny gaps will make a difference? I guess what I'm asking is, does a 4x12 cabinet have to be absolutely airtight in order to sound good? Will it rattle even though it's put together solidly? Thanks
  4. Your drummer sucks. Her tying my shoes is too repetitive, maybe with lyrics it will be better. Anywayyyysssss, new drummer.
  5. You......cut yourself? That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of
  6. Ok, thanks guys, I'm off to check out those sites. I already knew a few of them.
  7. I think most people use power tab?? Can somebody link me up to a site where I can download it? I've never tried it, I'm not even sure if it's good or what. Anyways, any help is appreciated
  8. Look at those little monkeys causing a ruckus in the crowd. These guys need to get day jobs.
  9. Ahhhh, sorry. I thought it was absolutely terrible. Keep working hard and you'll get it one day
  10. Something sounds off, like the lead and rhythm don't fit together, tempo speaking......Nice song though
  11. You captalize the first letter of each sentence, and proper nouns.
  12. Oh sweet, I have an old go cart motor that I could use to make a motorized shopping cart. There's a Family Dollar we've been meaning to get revenge on, so they'll make the perfect "Victim" of "Locating" the shopping cart. Figure we'll cut one end out, put a seat in, some feet rests, foot brake. Bout 8-15 hp if I remember correctly...
  13. Well, in ten years gas will be pretty obsolete for automobile purposes. We'll still need oil for motor oil, but not really (IE: Synthetic). Gas (about $2.40 here) is expensive because they are greedy. Gas in Venezeula is like under twenty cents, and I think it's like 5 cents in Iraq. Like 30 something cents in Egypt, but you also have to remember that's in USD. Our money is worth alot in different countries...
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