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  1. I would venture to guess that the metal areas where those two wires that were cut are connected through the casing and I'm not really sure how that would cause this type of buzz but I guess I can solder some wire there and find out. Aside from that I'm severely confused. The extra black wire I'm assuming is another ground (in case you have a cigar cover?) but I tried manually grounding it and it made no difference. Also touching the knobs makes no difference (which from what I understand is a-typical of a grounding problem). any ideas?
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while since I last posted here (you're always there for me in my time of need ). I've been working on installing a new Lindy Fralin pickup in my '52 reiussue tele p-bass. I found out the pickup would fit in the body so I had to dremel it out a bit but other than that it seemed like a fairly simple wiring. Anyway The problem I'm facing now is that I get a very audible hum whenever I turn up my tone pot to the point where the tone pot is worthless. The louder I turn up the pot the louder the up gets. The pickup sounds fine (excellent actually) when tone is all the way
  3. OK I actually have the cabinet now so I know a little more about what I'm talking about. It's an early 80s Ampeg 8x10 bass cabinet. (it is actually probably still on eBay for a few more days http://cgi1.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?...item=7345086523 check out that price!) It's huge and heavy, it has thick wood all around (the newer cabs have thinner wood). I see a ton of these cabinets out there so I'm trying to stand out (I happen to be pretty into art and design so it fits in pretty well). What I'm thinking about doing is painting the outside of the cabinet an "off white". I'm not real
  4. Hey guys. I'm thinking of painting the front of my bass cabinet with who knows what (when I get it). Does anyone have any experience doing this and can recommend a type of paint? I imagine using the wrong kind of paint could screw the sound. Anyone have any thoughts, tips, comments or ideas? Is this a dumb/unreasonable idea? Thanks guys.
  5. Thanks for all the advice, I've got all the parts necessary except the switch and the box. Any recommendations? The one primal linked to looks nice but it's expensive! Edit: Actually I just checked out the www.smallbearelec.com that GuitarMonkey linked and it has quite a few relatively cheap options, I will probably go with them once I figure out which switch I want.
  6. Right. I think they actually are very important to the sound (there really isn't much else in the box). The sound of this pedal is pretty unique, it's the pedal Colin Greenwood of Radiohead uses on his bass in the songs "Exit Music (for a film)" and "Myxomatasis". It's super thick, sticky, grungy fuzz. It sounds like 60/70s biker film fuzz. Lovekraft, I was wondering how you got the part number 2SC536F for the transistor, it seems like a couple places fairly nearby may have it. I do see that is says C536 F7G on the transistor itself, maybe you derived it from that? Thanks for all the help
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'm gonna head down to a place I know of that may have what I need or where I can get it, if they can't help me I'll call around. Seems there are a few places in the area that say "we can get you anything" so I'll have to put them to the test with the discontinued transistor
  8. P.S. Sorry for the harsh words rhoads56, I have some issues with that store but I will honor your policies.
  9. Blue LED eh, sounds cool. I'll definately check that site out, the main reason I don't want to do the online thing is I don't have a place to ship to at the moment. I talked to my friend (his dad is an electrical engineer) and we may be able to get some parts from his dad's company or direct from McMaster Carr. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.
  10. Apparently you can buy the things remotely cheap but eBay seems to be way overpriced on them and I'm kinda insterested in getting into building my own pedals and stuff, plus this thing looks insanely easy to build. I have a little electronics experience (took a electronics class in high school and replaced 2 sets of pickups now) and I have a friend who has a little more experience than me. I have the schematics and pictures of the actual guts of the real thing, it doesn't look complex at all: http://members.fortunecity.com/uzzfay/fy2/fy2.html I have two main questions: 1) Where can I buy a
  11. Thanks for the quick responses. Sepultra, I play mostly standing up though when it gets to heavy (It's VERY heavy!) I play sitting down (Mockingbird is one of the few BC rich body shapes that don't murder you when you try to play sitting). I also play the guitar fairly high on my body when standing. I think it has to do with the finish or something on the fingerboard, so I'll give it a good cleaning and report back. krazyderek, yes it is the fingerboard that feels slow. The guitar hasn't seen much use because I didn't like the stock pickups (I got it used about a year and a half ago), but I
  12. Hi, Not sure if this is the most appropriate part of the forum to ask this question but here goes: I have an Acrylic BC Rich Mockingbird with a Rosewood neck. I really don't like the way the neck plays. It is difficult for me to move my hands quickly up and down the neck. It plays much slower than the neck on my telecaster for example. I would describe the problem by saying it feels as if there is too much friction. My question is, how can I improve this? A polishing or cleaning of some kind? If one of these can anyone suggest a good product to use for this? I don't want to replace the neck b
  13. thanks for the help krazyderek.
  14. Thanks for the compliments guys. I guess I can see why you would say it looks like Spy vs. Spy, but those guys have a pointy face, this guy is just wearing a hood that points down like that.
  15. I have one of those clear green acrylic BC Rich mockingbirds and I want to replace the pickups, I'm going for a strong metal but not grungy sound (similar to Metallica I guess). Anyway I was wondering if the EMG 85 and 81 are actually good pickups and worth the money or if I am mostly paying for the Zaak Wylde, Kirk Hammet hype. Thanks a lot guys.
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