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  1. My gf didnt care, cause she asked a long time ago which one i wanted, i picked one and they didnt have it so she just said here i got u this, u like it? I told her i didnt really care about the other features and would keep it cause she bought it for me, but she insisted i get the only i truely wanted, she just wanted me happy which was cool. Also anyone tried the dunlop dimebag wah? Looks like it has everything under the sun, its all looks good on paper thing im wondering is if it sounds good.
  2. Alright fella's, my gf got me a wah pedal for my graduation, its a standard cry baby. Thats all they had in town, i didnt even use it i just took it back cause i knew that she paid way to much for it at the music stores here in town. I told her i wanted a different one anyway, one with more options, i started reading about the 535 and 95Q, but i wanna know who here plays what, and the pros and cons of all. Like i said they dont have any wah's here in town cept the standard cry baby, so going around and playing them is out of the question, im getting mine from musicians friend.
  3. Well, i finally bit the bullet and order the basic railing and linear bearings. Once they get here i will run to the home depot and pickout what im going to use for the table for it.
  4. cool man like i said ill take a 10, 12, and 16 inch. I decided to just go with wood. I will paypal when i get my next check man.
  5. My back yard is my work shop. I have two saw horses with a flatpiece of wood on it. Thats my table. I mainly use a router for all my work. I do my necks with a surform and some rasps and sand paper. And templates. Also have templates.
  6. Looking for an aanj neck to use with my duplicarver. Let me know what you guys got.
  7. Be interested in saleing the extra one?
  8. What router you going to use gareghanman?
  9. What bits and stylus does everyone use? Btw anyone use this thing for necks? Cause thats what i wanna do with it.
  10. Better bite your toungue.... those are fighting words around here lol.
  11. could u do a 12 and 16 inch? How much more would it be for aluminum? I want the 12, 16, and 10, in the long version.
  12. sweet man thanks, ive been looking on ebay trying to decide if i wanted to use 1/2,3/4 or 1 inch, lot of price difference, but i didnt know if 1 inch were a little bit to much needed for this project.
  13. Alright, i was wondering if what size bearings everyone used on their duplicarver? I was wondering if 1/2 were big enough or if i need bigger. Also any other parts you guys used.
  14. Quite interesting. And i disagree with the statement that only an idoit would confuss a gibson les paul with a prs. Many common folk have no idea, and dont pay attention to the difference such as a head stock, trem and what not. All they see is a single cut body and thats its, but oh well.
  15. Well, i went to pick one of these bad boys up at home depot and they stopped carring them where im at. I wonder if they are gonna get taking off the market?
  16. Godin love the jig. Would you mind posting the pics it in the the jig thread i started a while back? Maybe with a little paragraph discribing how you built it? Im trying to get this thread back up and alive, possible even pinned. Im gonna be posting my copy carver build in it this summer.
  17. Well, im sold i will pick one up in a couple of weeks along with the parts to build a duplicarver.
  18. lol dude i just posted a topic asking if anyone had one of those. I almost bought one today myself, let me know how it is please, cause i dont think there are many left up here.
  19. Please delete this thread, i am dumb.
  20. I started a topic like this a long time ago, might want to look it up. The conclussion was that inlay should be cut by hand with a jewelers saw. You have way more control over it. Plus its a lot cheaper.
  21. Well fella's, i worked on it somemore at school (went back after hours) and routed my neck cavity. Its a good clean fit. Now the neck itself will get glued in tomarrow, but i couldnt resist taking a crap load of pics cause to me its just looks freaking cool lol. Here they are. More pics here. Other outside pic Inside pic
  22. Fretboard for the V was glued yesterday. And i should hopefully have the neck glued in the body in just a few hours. Here is a quick pic i took.
  23. Pickguard showed up today, really tops off the body in my opinion. I also got the tuner holes drilled. Here are a couple pics Pic of drilled tuner holes. http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/DuffB...em/IMG_0266.jpg
  24. Drak you are a true insparation for me to finish my projects, because i want to build a rhoads and have for sometime. Thank you for your awsomeness. lol. With that being said, i loved the veneer and i hate to see it go, i still think a paua strip down the middle woulda matched perfectly. Well to late now, oh well, Cant wait to see this bad boy done. Im im sucka for white guitars so im sure it will be sick as hell.
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