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  1. Well, got the heel on the V neck cut, im going to glue the fretboard for it very soon. These projects are starting to wrap up fast and i tell you what ill be glad to see them done. To be honest these projects have been a lot of trouble lol. Ive learned a ton from them, funny how u learn more the 2nd time around then you do the first. They ahve their issues, but over they are turning out good for 2nd and 3rd projects, although my next ones will be a lot better.
  2. Was it really nessacary to post this in multiple sections? Btw if you do a search i started this same exact thread a while ago and ppl post some stuff, look it up.
  3. Gotta give it to my boy setch, he blew me away with the amount of detail on that thing. Love it man keep up the good work.
  4. U have a set of evos in black? Or did someone buy the 159 in black?
  5. The binding on the jem is completely done finally. It took a while, but thats what happens when you ahve to work two jobs and go to school lol. Here is a pic, tomarrow i will start sand the binding and body and getting it preped for paint. The neck is completely sanded and is also ready for paint. Things are really coming together.
  6. freaking worked wonders guys. Thanks a lot.
  7. How are u doing the mirror? Are u useing and actuall mirror? Is someone doing the mirror for you. I did a mirror guitar and i know for a fact they make black mirror. Contact me and i will help you.
  8. Its pearliod plastic, so i dont know which one it qualifies for.
  9. Anyone ever try and melt plastic into a liquid? I was doing some binding work, and there is a noticeable seem where two strips of binding meet. i was wondering if anyone knew how to melt down plastic to a liquid of where i could use it like a filler and fill the seem.
  10. Well i finally have internet back and quite a bit has happened. The fretboard now has green leds installed and is sanded up to 2000 grit. Within the next couple of days i will be gluing the V fretboard to the neck. When my brother moved out he took his camara so i dont have any pics yet, but i will work on getting those.
  11. Well, fretboard is tapered, and binding glued. I finished another section of the binding and the jem neck is practicly all the way rounded. Im going to be losing internet for a few days or so. My brother is moving out and he currently pays for our internet, so my dad will be calling the people tomarrow to reset us back up, but it will take a few days so i will post pics and what not when i get my i net back.
  12. Welp, new fretboard and binding showed up today. Will get this thing cut down to size, and maybe glue the binding on tomarrrow, depends how adventureous i get. Heres a pic.
  13. Already been said around here a lot, infact if you check out my latest project im building the steve vai model using that material.
  14. Lol this video has been posted like a million times on here, maybe not a million but like 3. I still love it tho.
  15. Well here are the pics of the binding i promised the other day before my flash card reader broke. I got a new one so everything is good now, I should have the rest of the binding glued on tomarrow and scrapped and sanded wednesday. I also have a couple pics of the fretboard begin glued on, enjoy. Binding Being Glued On Fretboard Being Glued Can Never Have Enough Clamps
  16. Well, good new, many of you guys have asked where the v ive been doing, and i put it on the back burner till i could get a new fretboard to work on (screwed up the other one, dont ask) Welp today i ordered the new fretboard, new binding (doing maple binding instead of white), and more leds to put in the bad boy. When it shows up next week expect some major v updates.
  17. Im with you on that one, someday i will build me another explorer with a bullseye, just like this.
  18. Was wondering what is the weirdest neck paint job you guys have seen? I was thinking of doing something weird to my neck for my jem im building. I was gonna paint the front of the headstock, back of the headstock, sides of the neck (spot where fretboard meets neck, but leaving the actually round part of the neck natural maple. What do you guys think? Any one have any pics of werid neck paint jobs?
  19. go to the tutorials section and read pretty much everything, then use the search function. Many of the guys round here have done van halen style finishes and have posted walk throughs and this has been covered 10619691698698719 times.
  20. lol!! i will bring my akita. And i will just bring my ak, lol
  21. Welp binding is done, and i would post pics, however my computer hates me at the moment and doesnt want to read my camara card so now i get to figure this out.
  22. 3\4 of the jem will get binded today. The reason i say 3/4 is becuase one of the horns has a problem i am going to fix before i bind it. This will happen back at school toamrrow. I didnt get the fretboard glued on as planned, just ran out of time in class before i had to go home. Question i had is, i know everyone uses ca glue to glue binding, but wouldnt that leave joint lines where you ran out of one piece and used another? The stew mac stuff i have claims to fues to two pieces into one. I was thinking about using ca for most of it, then using the stew mac stuff just at the joints of two pieces? Is that wise or no?
  23. Looks excellent, cant wait for it to be done, so i can ninja in the middle of the night and steal it
  24. Router all the way. The router is one tool you can use for anything on a body. Weather it be shape, cavities, binding, anything. Router all the way.
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