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  1. I have done some sourcing and have found a place that will do special pricing for a group buy of pickups. Just curious if anyone would be interested in this? Problem is the requirements are large, for seymour duncan we would need a total of 24 pickups order to qualify for the pricing, for emg we just need an order of 500 dollars. Let me know if you are interested, i have a pricing sheet and can tell you what prices you would pay for what pickups.

  2. Okay bring this back from the dead. Been slowly working on this. I only get to work on it basicly on saturdays for 3-7 hours. This thing is getting very close to done. Next week i will be routing the control cavity and gluing the neck in, then just need to blend a few things like the neck joint, sand and will start finishing. Here are a upto date pics.

    Neck being carved.



    Body and neck together.



    I will try to start posting around here more. I always jump on and read just never post. Let me know what you think.

  3. I know this thread is older but i didnt want to start a new one cause i have a similar question. My question is how do you get the grain to show through white paint?



    Those are a couple of pics of what i am talking about. Does bleaching the grain help make it pop anymore? IS it just a SUPER thin coat of white paint?

  4. Okay,

    I am doing an over haul on my epiphone les paul custom and changing all the hardware from gold to chrome and putting new pups in. I am selling everything together, here is a list of whats included. As said before everything is gold. The gold finish is also starting to wear off in some places. This would be a great kit for a person new to building who wants a good set is pups but doesnt have tons of cash to shell out.

    2 Epiphone Alnico Classic humbuckers

    Bridge and tailpiece

    All pots and switch.

    Grover Tuners (the highlight of all these parts)

    Plus all the little gold screws and pickguard hardware

    I would like 70 paypal'd and shipped for everything.

    Pics will be up within a week, i am waiting for my parts to show up so i can change everything over.

  5. Thought i would post up the first pics i got from jeff at JDesign cabs. He just sent me an email saying my cabs and head would be done tomorrow for me to come pick up. Jeff is local to me is about a 20 min drive from where i lived. I waited about a month and a half or so to get on the waiting list cause he had just got back ordered with summer namm orders. Let me say from these pics the wait was well worth it. From the begining Jeff was one of the nicest and coolest guys i've meet and dealt with. He let me come out and meet him and see his work first hand. His prices are amazing for the quality you get from him. I would recommend him to anyone for anything, once again amazing guy to work with.

    On with the pics, i gave him my mesa roadster head to retolex to match the cab he was building me.




  6. Okay, well mcfadden went out of business, and i just ran out of their lacquer and i need more. There is a company that bought them, but is a lull in lacquer do to the transition of things. I call LMI, Stew Mac, and Grizzly but they are all out of stock. Anyone know who else carries it?

    I have heard that mohawk is the same material. Try here and good luck. http://www.mohawk-finishing.com/

    i like the mcfadden stuff and would like to stay with them, anyone else know who carries it.

  7. Progress?

    i dont have any pictures but yes a little progress has been made. Starting the binding channels which should get finished up tomorrow on the new style. I am still deciding if im going to put binding on the older style. Like ive said a few times before prgress on these will be slow, i am working with a friend of mine who is a perfessional luither. He makes mainly acoustics but also does electrics here and there. I kinda have to work on his watch when its good from him so i only work on these a fews hours a week. I am fine with this because i am learning a lot.

  8. Okays guys, i am looking for a Gotoh large post cosmo black bridge. I have looked pretty much every where i can think of and to no avail. I can find other brands but not gotoh. I found a gotoh a while back, a seller had a whole bunch and now he has none. Any help i can get would be great. BTW im hoping not to spend 50-60 bucks for a cosmo bridge.

  9. The StewMac HotRod gets a little too close for my liking. LMII offers a twoway trussrod that uses a shallower channel, I like those.

    The measurement includes the fretboard.

    thats good news, i right after asked the question i looking on LMI and found the two way that only requires a 3/8 deep channel, will be using that one.

    would you guys happen to know generally how thick the fretboard is by its self?

  10. The StewMac HotRod gets a little too close for my liking. LMII offers a twoway trussrod that uses a shallower channel, I like those.

    The measurement includes the fretboard.

    thats good news, i right after asked the question i looking on LMI and found the two way that only requires a 3/8 deep channel, will be using that one.

  11. I'm not positive on body thickness but I think they are about 1-3/4" thick. Hopefully someone else can answer that better.

    Which neck do you want? Some have a .790" 3rd fret and .850" 12th fret. The RR3 is .745" 1st fret and .810" 12th fret. The RX10 has a .775" 1st and .880" 12th. And that is based only on what they have listed on their site now. I know there were other profiles in the past as well.

    now when they take those figures does that include the thickness of the fretboard? or is that just the thickness of the maple on the neck at that point?

    also which truss rod should i use? i usually use the stew mac hod rod truss rod, but i wanna super thin neck like the jacksons have and i think the stew mac rod requires a to deep of a route which wont allow me to have the neck super thin.

  12. i don't know about the body, but the length of a neck thru blank should be atleast 40" (well thats the length of the neck thru blanks on luthier supplies aus)

    the more im thinking about the build the more it is changing in my mind, i am now thinking of doing a set flamed maple neck instead of a through neck. The body would change to a full alder body with flamed maple front and back.

    does anyone have dimensions on the higher end neck through randy rhoads guitars? I have templates coming so i have the body shape just need to know body thinckness and neck thickness at the 1st, 12th, and last fret before it connects to the body.

    All help is greatly appreciated.

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