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  1. Mask off the binding, bridge, neck and decals and do a solid color like black. Or just keep sanding away and possibly try a gel stain the stain lays on top of the surface and does not actually dye the wood that much so the blotches would not be that noticeable and suggest a darker stain.
  2. Should sound good playing some Lead Zeppelin tunes
  3. $35 is a still a great price. measure twice cut once.
  4. Hello nice job. Can you elaborate how you work with the aluminum. I Do you weld it, press it, etc. thanks
  5. Make us all green with envy. Click here This link has a poll and examples of different transparent colors over quilted maple. Click here too
  6. That's some great looking tight grain on that wood. What kind of wood is that and how heavy. Nice looking body shape too.
  7. Ditto! I use my Delta 18-36 with 60 grit to thickness my glued up boards and then 120 grit. I can see how a planer would do this quicker but since you already own the drum sander you're good to go. You get a sanded finish with less chance of tearout and much quieter then a planer. I love mine.
  8. I always like the look of the thin veneer and wanted to make one. Plus I have (3) 3/16'' Brazilian Rosewood fret board blanks. Too thin to make slabboards so the veneer is the way to go.
  9. I will probaly build a router radius cutting jig to cut the radius on both pieces. That will at least make it easier and quicker. I am curious how the factory did it.
  10. Hello I'm making a 60's style Fender Strat neck with the 1/8" thick rosewood veneer top over maple. I'm referring to the neck on right dated OCT 64 I went at it by radiusing the maple neck first with a radiusing block. Then attach sandpaper to the top of the radiused maple neck. Then I radiused the underside of the rosewood fretboard rubbing it back and forth over that. Then I plan on gluing it up then radius the top. My question is, is it easier to thin the fretboard first say done to 1/8" and then somehow bend it over a radiused neck thus creating the radius for the underside and top alot easier. The hand block radiusing is too much work. Has anyone done this. Thanks.
  11. I use the Stew mac radius block with 320 grit. I was previoulsy using the Stew Mac fret leveler but that was too coarse and removed too much metal.
  12. Rockler and Lowes opened up outlets next door to me because I shop so often their.
  13. 3001 (good for pickup and other routes.) 3023 (good for routing the body shape)
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