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  1. HA HA HA! No, my few few instruments will probably be copies without my name on them (If I give them away I'll put the the name of the person I give it to on it, but your idea was ammusing ,too. I don't believe you know what my outlook on guitar-building is, I'm not even so sure, but want to. BTW, I have an orginal design that I really like, but when I drew it for some reason I drew the body left handed and I cant seem to re-draw it right handed, maybe I'll scan it onto the computer and "flip" it? -Fluke
  2. I just can't tell from the pics, I'd need a "side-saddle" view to be sure but I think the stew mac ones may be what I'm looking for....
  3. Yes I want to keep or give away my first several builds (or maybe destroy them at a gig or something), And I don't plan on putting my name on them for a while anyway. What I'd really like rightnow is to build custom versions of copied guitar to sell without being sued, does that happen much? Thanks for all your help and feel free to give further advice on building and selling.
  4. I'm look for a strat 2-point (or 6-point) standard tremolo bridge with bent saddles instead of solid ones I've only seen it on one instrument before (a highway 1 strat of all things), and its owner said it was stock. any does anyone know where I can purchase a bridge or bridge-saddles like this? or perhaps how one could make them? The reason I want them is just because of tonal differences. -Fluke
  5. Ok, I seemed to have forgotten my original plan to just save my money to buy some tools, equipment, wood and parts, but could I just start selling them or is that hard to do? I live in a very small town, so I know I'd probably have to move (or shipping would be an option).
  6. Hello, (getting right to the point) I want to be a professional luither. I don't really know how to go about that. I was kind of thinking about saving up 14 grand to aprintice at mid-west guitar and starting my own intrument shop or maybe tryin' to work for Fender or something for a while. But I just don't know how this would work. has anyone else here done anything like this or anything?
  7. Personally, I see people who hate stoners as just as prejudice as racism, and all those other stupid social taboos -- BUMP
  8. i appreciate your tips, but i needs audio files that can be burned onto a cd a taken with back to "the seventies" (my grandma house, where i usually live... no computer there) I know, no cd's in te seventies....
  9. All that would do is increase the sting angle over the nut, possibly eliminating the need for a string tree. But shouldn't harm the sound.
  10. Hello, I am trying to find Audio files on the internet of the open notes of a standard tuned guitar that are the right format to burn on a disc. I had found some that would be perfect but they arent the right format and I dont know how to change that.
  11. Bone is supposed to create a bright sound, as should brass. I wonder how well a wooden nut would work. Rock hard maple might be good. Think about it...
  12. I think a brass nut wood look good with a natural finished tele.
  13. if it isnt metal or something, sand it down with some sand paper or a file, otherwise, if your willing to deal with the overhang, go for it. -Fluke
  14. I have a small problem with the nut on my guitar. The small e-string slot was cut just a tiny, tiny bit to deep and the open string sound dim and buzzy. Currently, I am using a very small piece of paper stuck in the slot and holding the string a bit higher. is there a better way to fix this?? -Fluke
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