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  1. Hey Scott. Life gets in the way. My shop ended up getting re-used for storage and just got out of hand. Couldn't even walk into it. But my cast iron surfaces are cleaned up and ready. Got back to buying some wood and am ready to build but I want to have an original body design. I think I'm happy with my headstock. I would have thought that by now, there would be some good, readily available software specific to guitar design. If you know of any, please share. Thanks. Dave
  2. Just logged back in after about 9 years away. Needless to say I've gotten the "itch" to build again and my shop is cleaned up and ready to go. My first build was in 2005. This is what it looked like the day I finished it. Anyway, I'm probably going to start a 7 string this summer. Should be spending some more time here in the process. Dave
  3. You were wet sanding at 320? Wow. Did you should any clear to try and level the different colors?
  4. Great job. I've got to dig my Explorer project out of the closet.
  5. Here's my 2nd cab. I just finished it in Black Mesa tolex, cange grill and piping. You can see more of the construction on my site: www.dafguitars.com. Dave
  6. Looks very good. I would have cut the truss rod channel while the neck blank was still square.
  7. Myka's original xlr8's extended Version Two different types, which do you fancy?
  8. Great looking guitar Godin. Is there a link to a tutorial for building Myka's neck pocket jig? Thanks. Dave
  9. If you couldn't simply sand and prep a body for finish, what makes you think you have the skill to repair it? What a sad, sad waste of a fine guitar.
  10. Here's my C66 in cherry burst/umber. My DC727.
  11. Yes. I have four guitars (one is still being made) and the V3. They are a tremendous value but my favorite guitars of all time are usually Ernie Balls. I have a Petrucci and just got a new Luke. Just sweet, sweet necks. Dave
  12. Thanks all. 1) Sorry about the extra pics. I keep forgetting that and I'll fix it. 2) No that's not a Carvin although I own 4. That's my Egress. You can see it on the same site. 3) I used green because I wanted to see what it looked like. 4) I didn't use plans. I just took the dimensions from my Mesa cab and copied it. 5) The speakers are Carvin GS1275 16 ohm speakers. I got them direct from Carvin on clearance for $19.99 each. I think they still have them at that price. They're like V30s but slightly less efficient. Dave
  13. Here's a 2x12 Cab I built from Baltic Birch recently. There's a separate page on my site: www.dafguitars.com Her's a pic of it with my Carvin V3. Plug into the left jack for 8 ohm mono or both for 16 ohm stereo. http://www.dafguitars.com/images/212cab/complete_front.JPG http://www.dafguitars.com/images/212cab/complete_back.JPG
  14. It'd be tricky since you don't have a heel to bolt the neck on to. I'd imagine that aside from cutting off the existing neck and fretboard extending into the body, you'd have some grafting to do in order to create a heel. Could probably be done with some careful planning.
  15. You're all in trouble because I'm patenting using wood to build a guitar.
  16. Just wanted to pop this up because my domain name has changed. I don't have any updates except for the 2x12 cab I'm making. I do have some more Explorer project pics to upload but have been too busy to do it. The new domain is: www.dafguitars.com Thanks. Dave
  17. I'm doing a cab too. My explorer is on the back burner. Here's what I have so far. More pics on my site: www.dafguitars.com. It's the same size as my Mesa 2x12 Recto cab.
  18. Wow, that's nice. I've never seen that before. Reminds me of the old Epiphone's of the 70's.
  19. Thanks Matt. I think you'll be happy to know that all the hardware, pups and binding will be black. I love black on natural wood. I've got Sperzels, a Carvin FT6 bridge, Carvin knobs and Dimarzi Evolutions for this one.
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