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  1. Were you in Kashechewan when they had the water problems? Is it true the only way to get their is by driving on winter ice over bodies of water, and by airplane? I'm in Toronto and although we thought it was cold when we hosted the Grey Cup (Canada's Super Bowl), people from Manitoba were walking around in T-shirts laughing how our weather was nothing compared to -30 C (-22 F). You get used to it though. I'd take cold over heat any day. However, give me a year round spring where it's cool and I'll be a happy camper.
  2. Similar to mortise machines - some of have levers, some have foot pedals. That'd be a better setup. I know its been talked about on here, but I don't remember the reviews, but popular mechanics talks about making your own pin router with your router on their website - details, plans, everything. I don't know how good it is though.
  3. I rewired my old sears teisco. Before I put strings on it to see whether I screwed up or not I plugged in my guitar, took my metronome, and tapped it on my pickups. The neck is responding, I can hear the tapping no problem through the amp. I can't hear however the bridge. Bad solder joint maybe? Maybe I should forget that weird voodoo idea and put strings on to see how she goes? Here's the schematic.
  4. Another way to get sticker residue off is using peanut butter. I hate it when the stickers don't come off books I just purchased. Peel the sticker, put some peanut butter on the residue, wait a few hours, take a knife scrape off the majority of it, then a slightly damp cloth and rub away. Works every time.
  5. didn't a company like traynor produce at one point hi-fi guitar amps and they got taken off the market because they sounded "too natural"? That's what someone told me once. Interesting subject though. Wouldn't mind trying one out. -Jamie
  6. Don't use the router to cut out the body. Even though I've seen it done on woodworking shows, they usually do it through wood less than an inch thick. Check craigslist or kijiji for used tools (online free classified ads). Sometimes you'll find screaming deals (like 50 bucks for a radial arm saw). Or go and buy cheap. Just remember, cheap tools can be bad! Not sure on what brand for a certain tool? Go to a store which sells lots of magazines and find woodworking magazines. They will test a bunch and give their opinion. Usually the problems with some tools you can deal with. Also through cl
  7. Here's a brief overview of what to look for in a jigsaw http://direct.tesco.com/buyersguide/power%20jigsaw.aspx If you're on a budget, go with what you can get. Read reviews online, such as amazon, or some shop magazines that review tools, and maybe even a consumer report website (you might need to pay though). If you hate the tool, you can return it because some tool stores have great return policies. My mom bought a jobmate drill, because maybe at least once a year she needs to use it. It's not the best drill, I would never take it on the jobsite, but to drill a few holes why not?
  8. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It snowed here once, and it melted in about an hour. You didn't even need windshield wipers on while driving. For a few weeks it was 5-15 degrees Celsius (warm enough to wear a windbreaker at points). Extremely odd weather if you ask me, especially for Toronto. All of Canada seems to be showing weird signs of weather. In Newfoundland where it usually gets 12 feet of snow, people are apparently playing golf in shorts and a t-shirt. -Jamie
  9. I'm not sure if its gyprock, but there is a drywall product out on the market where once piece is the equivilent to 8 pieces of drywall. They use this stuff frequently in attached homes. Egg cartons don't work for what you want. Make sure your garage is actually insulated. I'm not sure how old your house is but in many older homes the garage is usually just block or concrete and sometimes drywall. Insulation can certainly help keep the noise down. Though, it can be expensive, usually finding old pink fibreglass insulation will help. The beauty is that it is the cheapest on the market, a
  10. I didn't want to put this in the electronics tutorial section because 1. it isn't my tutorial, and 2. who knows how well it works. People on the forum say it works well, but thats for you to decide. I haven't tried it. http://www.instructables.com/id/EZ58ISRLG1EPD7R5Z9/ Btw, this site is very awesome for you hobbiests and DIYers for all sorts of things. -Jamie
  11. I hope your laptop doesn't catch on fire or blow up lol -Jamie
  12. With stewmacs custom table saw fret slotting blade, I know you can use a table saw and a radial arm saw to cut fret slots. What about using a cheap compound mitre saw? cheap saw -Jamie
  13. Got a cheap accoustic and on one of the tuners on the back of the head the screw is too loose in the wooden thread, therefore not holding the screw in place. To fix this I am guessing the old toothpick/glue/ idea is best suited correct? I am only posting to make sure it's not a quick fix but the best fix possible.
  14. I played soccer from age 8 to 17. I haven't played for the last 2 seasons due to a groin injury 3 season ago. I do want to train again and go back because it was great fun, however with the heat these days, it makes me so lazy lol.
  15. Is it a possibility that RHCP asked Tom Petty to use the exact same song and all? I mean Kid Rock did it with Metallica with the song American Bad Ass. I mean they might not match up, but maybe the RHCP did it this way for a reason? Before accusing a band of ripping someone off, maybe they should ask the RHCP and/or Tom Petty?
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