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    Guitar.... well that should be a given<br />Hockey.... seeing as I'm Canadian also a given<br />Canoeing and Camping is pretty sweet<br />And running and weightlifting and all that excersise stuff so I can eat all that wonderful chocolate crap and still not be fat.

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  1. these videos make me practice for hours on end... unfourtunatly I must complete a Biology Independant Study for tomorrow and my guitar looks at me but I can't play her.......
  2. That new idea is definatly more wavey.... I'd say go with it looks nice
  3. yea, psw the control plate is high.... thats just my mistake.... today when I went to buy some new strings I saw this awsome carved black tele(with soapbar pickups), and it was probally the classiest guitar I have ever saw.
  4. Yeah I've been thinking about a Tele LP for a while now too... just a silly kisake mock up is all...
  5. hahaha.. kind of a coincidence.... I just ran across this guy myself a couple of days ago.... I like to think that my style is kind of like his.... not anywhere as good... just low acoustic tunnings and popping and slapping thats about it....
  6. I found the "real" images through careful detective work.... Here and here! oh yea if fransick you come back nice work btw
  7. Usually I don't like guitars with just an inlay around the 12th fret but yours look good to me.....
  8. get your free walnut then sell it!
  9. If we can have 9999 I say we have GOTE or GUITAR OF THE EVER and all guitars EVER get entered.
  10. Usually I am one of the last people to say that "they are just greedy SOBs" when some one sues someone but honestly....
  11. What the..... Did anyone else hear about this? Whats next banning people from humming a tune while walking down the street?
  12. Looks sweet!!.... 'cept its backwards Thats sweet that you are getting a Legacy... rock on
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