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  1. haha, i think those things actually look pretty cool
  2. well, i installed an 81 in my ibanez rg421. its buzzing though... i did it with a bandmate, and neither of us had done it before, but we followed directions as close as possible (installed as a 1 vol, 1 tone, no switch, because i only have one emg) we had to cut and sauter(sp?) the battery to output wire, because the routing in the cavity wouldnt allow the battery connection through... any ideas what might be wrong? we put electrical tape on the sauter, and on the loose wires in the cavity, but not sure if its working right....
  3. found it man! http://www.harmony-central.com/Events/WNAM.../esp3-large.jpg
  4. can anyone link me to that amazing angel guitar that was posted in a thread here back last year. i cant remember the thread name, but it had a ton of pages of killer custom shop guitars, and there was this crazy ESP angel guitar that was just beautiful..
  5. ... oooooh.. purdy guitars... and so thin... wow
  6. cool design man. a bit unweildy for the metal bretheren, but cool looking nonetheless. a good rythm guitar
  7. thanks for the help, im giving him the link to this thread. the entire problem with it.. would be the input and output on the box, so as to not damage or interfere with the signal alot.. youd need some kind of unshielded jacks right?
  8. "ok, so as most of you know; i am the only guitarist in my band. I am currently playing through one preamp head (marshall jcm 2000) into two seperate cabs (one on each side of the stage). i am aware that there is a way to rig up a footswitch to be able to go from playing out of both cabinets to just one. what exactly am i looking for to do this?" a freind of mine just asked me, and i gave a pretty vague answer since i wasnt sure. someone clarify please? thanks in advance
  9. i dig it. its got just enough metal edge to be heavy, and the prog to make me drool.. great stuff.
  10. i have to ask.. how does she sound?
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