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  1. I've been collecting maple for our builds for the last 10 years. I have both billets and individual tops. We don't use much maple anymore and I have enough to last until I'm about 150 years old, so I promised my wife I'd try to get a bunch of it out of the house. If all goes well, I'll keep adding more as pieces sell. All prices include PayPal fees and US shipping. PIECE #1, TOP (20.125" x 15.25" x .375") $65 PIECE #1, BILLET (21" x 15" x 1.125") $60 FRONT: BACK: PIECE #3, BILLET 21" x 14.75"x 1.125" $60 FRONT: BACK:
  2. I have a bunch of chrome Strat pickup rings and no plans to use them any more. they are exactly the same as the rings that Allparts sells for $12.50 each under part # PC-0761-010. My price is $10 each or $20 for 3 including shipping. PayPal is welcome with no fees. I'm in the midst of doing an inventory now but I have at least 20 rings. Here's a look at one ring plus a shot of body with the rings installed.
  3. No finish required. You can essentially treat them as a rosewood substitute. That's exactly what Gibson is doing with it.
  4. I have three Roasted/Baked/Vulcanized Maple BASS fingerboards. The dimensions are 28" x 3 1/4" x .35" (So you can also use them for guitars plus I also have some guitar sized boards) For those who are unfamiliar with the process, the maple is heated to over 250 degrees in a kiln in which the oxygen has been removed. (So it should probably be referred to as "heat-treated" maple but it would= be a lot less sexy. The removes the moisture making the wood more stable and rigid. heat treated maple is now being used by a number of leading boutique builders for both necks and fingerboards and G
  5. 108 is also sold pending payment
  6. This is going to be an ongoing sale for a while. I've decided that we're going to discontinue our original body shape and focus on the much the larger single cut and its growing variants. So I'm going to start selling off any wood that's not wide enough for the larger body. Prices include shipping in the US. I accept PayPal and all the major credit cards without fees. For more info, please e-mail me at jim@jimsoloway.com or call me at 503-977-2727. I'll keep adding more as it sells and I get it photographed and measured. Here's batch #1. They're all a minimum of 1/4" thick and so
  7. More house cleaning....I've posted photos after every item so be sure to go through the entire post. All prices incude shipping DiMarzio Bluesbucker black standard-spaced $50 ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT DiMarzio Bluesbucker black F-spaced $50 ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT DiMarzio Air Zone gold F-Spaced $50 DiMarzio Virtual Hot PAF Bridge Chrome F-spaced wax potted $35 2 DiMarzio Cruisers - NEW (DP187) $40 each1 ON HOLD, 1 STILL AVAILABLE DiMarzio PAF Classic Bridge Gold F-spaced wax potted $35 ON HOLD PENDING PAYMENT DiMarzio Protrack Bridge - NEW (DP188) $40 Vintage Vibe
  8. Thanks. Most of what I sell is wood that I bought specifically to use on our guitars and somehow got left out of the production plans. I've made a commitment to all 1-piece backs and tops for our bodies, so anything I bought for book matching is now just sitting here. And priority mail to the UK would be $55. I do have a few other piece in another listing on the forum and I can PM you with some other pieces as I get them ready. One thing I have is a ton of first rate Macassar ebony. I'm pretty sure that I'm ready to stop using ebony at all on our guitars. My design is awfully bright t
  9. On orders from my wife, I'm continuing to sell off any wood that I no longer plan to use. These are all pieces that we have built from in the past but either no longer fit our plans (or in the case of the large walnut board, I just have too much of it). The shipping is for the US only but I'd be happy to get shipping prices for non-US buyers. PayPal preferred. Sapelle (Pomelle figure) (27 1/4 x 8 5/8 x 1 7/8) $50 plus $22 shipping Bolivian Rosewood #1 (22 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 7/8) $50 plus $15 shipping Bolivian Rosewood #2 (22 1/2 x 8 7/8 x 7/8) $50 plus $15 shipping Flamed Engl
  10. I have 5 1-piece swamp ash blanks listed on ebay. http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/solowayguita...QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ
  11. I have 2 pieces of walnut for sale. The price is $55 each. Shipping for each piece in the US is $17. PayPal preferred. Piece 1 is 23.5"L x 8"W x 5/4 thick. The figure is amazing but one side has a couple flaws. I can't tell how deep they go, but I have a feeling that there's enough here for a pretty substantial bookmatched top. Piece 2 is 42 3/4"l x 7W x 4/4 thick. It has a gorgeous flame and is very clean. Here are photos of both sides of both pieces i the order that I listed them.
  12. A lotof you already know me from the wood I sold here earlier this year. I've still got a bunch of wood left to sell and my wife is bugging me to get on with it. So I'll kick things off with some 2-piece Swamp Ash blanks, a 1-piece Korina blank and a korina neck blank. All of the Swamp Ash blanks are glued and surfaced both sides. BTW, the best way to reach me is to e-mail me at jim@jimsoloway.com. I can take PayPal or you can call me with a credit card. 2-piece Swamp Ash #20 (21"x14 1/8"x 1 5/8") (9lbs 9.8 oz) $45 + $18 shipping 2-piece Swamp Ash #21 (21 1/8"x14"x 1 5/8") (8lb
  13. (06/30/08): The thread has been updated to remove all of the sold pieces.
  14. #17 Maple 1 #18 Maple 2 #19 Maple 3 #20 Maple 4 #21 Maple 5 #22 Maple 6 #24 Maple 9 L 21.75-23.75" W 8.25-8.75" H 1" WGHT: 3.23 - 4.13 PRICE: $25 SHIPPING: $13 each (This can also be combined for a lower shipping charge)
  15. # 10 Cocobolo 1 #11 Cocobolo 2 #12 Cocobolo 4 #13 Cocobolo 5 #14 Cocobolo 6 #15 Cocobolo 7 #16 Cocobolo 8 L 22.5" W 2.88" H .38" WGHT: .83 - .91 PRICE: $10 SHIPPING: $12 each (This can definitely be combined for a lower shipping charge)
  16. #7 Bubinga Board L 59.88" W 8.63" H 1" WGHT: 13.13 PRICE: $60 SHIPPING: $20 8 & 9 ARE SOLD
  17. I'm really determined to sell off all of the wood that I'm no longer planning to use. Unlike the swamp ash billets, a lot of this is small enough to be bundled for shipping purposes, especially the fingerboard wood. So if you're interested in more than one piece, just let me know and I'll recalculate the shipping. There's a LOT to list and it will probably take a few posts to get it all listed. So be sure to go all the way to the bottom to see it all. EDIT (06/30/08): I've sold a lot of wood from this thread and I'm removing it from the post to make it easier to figure out what's lef
  18. The current plan is to keep these and convert our entire operation to 1-piece blanks. Besides, I don't think I could get anyone to deliver them. There was one, not in the photos, that was 101" long, 19" wide and 2" thick. By the time I got that in the truck, out of the truck and put away, I felt like I'd been lifting weights all day. What I may sell are a few blanks after we get some of it cut up. BTW, we may go all 1-piece tops as well. I just think there's a wonderful elegance about seeing the figure flow all the way across the body. Here's one that working on now, both front and b
  19. These is what I've been making space for. They're all a minimum of 13" wide and 100" long. I picked up the first five boards today. I'll be picking up 15 more over the next few days. The final shot shows how I had to haul them (including a few miles on the freeway)
  20. I hope you see the post above, if not, pick any other board in the batch and if it's more expensive, I'll give it to you for the same price as 79.
  21. OOPS. 79 is already gone, but you can have 73 and 77. The PayPal address is deborah@solowayguitars.com
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