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  1. OK Neil, seeing as you asked: 1)...if you have the Stew Mac routing template - chuck it in the bin. I don't know who came up with that but chances are they had modifying a standard Strat in mind, it's fiddly, confusing, not very well thought out and urges you to take more wood out than you need to. 2)...buy a Kahler if you play like a pansy. If you're used to a Floyd a Kahler gives the same feel as deleted by mod OK, from the image you posted it would sort of work but i'd not make the ledge quite as wide as you can get the base plate hitting it before the fine tuners are at their f
  2. I'm with you, i never used them so invariably don't put one on unless the guy ask's for one.
  3. Well, i don't know about the guitar version but every bass player i've met who has the bass version (which they've been making for years) say it's the absolute dogs nuts and most have retired any basses that don't have one.
  4. I don't like turbo fan compressors one little bit and i've never seen anyone in the automotive trade ever touch one with a 10 foot pole. For that sort of coin i'd lean more towards a decent gun like a Devilbiis Sri or a Sata Minijet and a normal compressor, it'll be a lot more versitile and give you better results in the long run. Oh, and as for painting your house i'd follow Maggotbrain's advice and do it the normal way, it'd be much quicker. And one last thing, if you do decide on buying a pro spec gun do not, in any circumstances, put household paint through it. The pigments and carri
  5. Yep, January 2011 VAT will be 20% in a vague attempt to claw back some of the money that Tony and Gordon pissed up the wall
  6. India ink isn't very lightfast which means it'll fade quite quickly (and probably come off on your hands as well)
  7. One word - Longevity. If you gig on a regular basis you'd be amazed how quickly certain import guitars can deconstruct themselves. Hardware and electrics are well documented but the worse thing, to my mind, is strap buttons that pull out with the 'wood' (i'm being kind here) being so crap that i've ended up drilling a 13mm hole out so i can plug it with something that will actually hold a screw. For plinking around in your bedroom fine, but if you're planning on some hard work consider how your image suffers when your guitars constantly break down and how annoyed your lead guitarist (your'
  8. It depends on the type of rod you'll be using. Most 'two way' rods, like Stew Macs Hotrods, use a flat channel but 'traditonal' single anchor rods need a curved channel.
  9. Or even: http://www.john-boddy-timber.ltd.uk and that's round the corner from you
  10. The Schaller floyd's have shorter string locks so if you plan to recess it the OFR string locks won't fit in the recess. You can obviously overcome this by moving the template but check, if you are going to recess it, that the string locks fit the recess before you paint it.
  11. A wide surround of 'fill' could look a bit scrappy, why not use corian - it's cheap and would be much easier to get a defined outline.
  12. Well, EBMM seem to be behind it: http://www.ernieball.com/email/roasted_maple/index.html
  13. Gotoh copy - do yourself a favour and buy the Gotoh one, absolutely no issues.
  14. And if nothing else the Floyd template from Stew Mac's is a pile of arse !
  15. You've got that right. I used some to show the grain for someone and by the time i put down the rag and picked up the camera it was all but gone. Tried again and i still wasn't quick enough so grabbed some lighter fluid instead as it does evaporate slower.
  16. Not that i've seen but the importers over here are WD Music (just checked the US company site and they don't appear to carry Gotoh). Try to find the importer and fire them a mail, you never know, they might have a couple kicking around. I've got a couple i could let you have but snail mail from London to Texas could take a while Mind you have you tried it with only two of the existing springs ? I've made a couple of guitars for Kevon Dillard over there (the Intellishred and Arpeggio Madness auther) and he only uses 2 springs and i've used just normal strat springs and it's not like it'
  17. I'll chuck in my feelings here: Firstly what are you planning to do with the top bearing bit ? I mainly use mine for the final finishing of cavities so this makes the shorter bit the sensible choice for me as some of the cavities are barely an inch deep if that. If you are thinking of using the bit for the final shaping bodies against a template then the deeper bit is the obvious choice. To be honest i've got a 1/2" and an 1" one and if you can afford it i'd say get both - both have their uses and merits. As for the drawknife. I have no experience with one as stuff like that scares the *
  18. I use Lechler 2 part automotive clear all the time and nobody's come back with any issue's. And as Bionic Dave says, nothing is totally UV resistant but as long as you don't hang it in a window for years you shouldn't have an issue.
  19. No, you don't have to have 3 springs, i know a few players who only use two but if you're used to playing with the tension of three you'll have to modify your playing technique. The springs that Gotoh supply with their 1996 Floyd's are stronger than 'normal' strat springs but they are also about 1/4" shorter which may or may not be a problem for you.
  20. Sold for £127 (around $180 Usd at todays rate) although i'd have to say if i'd brought that little lot half of it would be destined for the bin.
  21. Acetone will melt plastic and some finishes. So it would be fine for wiping off an unfinished guitar assuming there are no plastic bindings. I only use is as a pre paint - can't say i've ever had the call to use it, or anything else, at any other time.
  22. Did they make them without trems? Most i've seen are fixed bridge.
  23. I use acetone - don't know how right or wrong that is but i've never had any issues.
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