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  1. Bought the guitar on craigslist. The body definitely does not match the neck. Body appears to be maybe a squire or something like that. The weight on it is significantly less the my other usa strat, Either way, I don't think it was a bad deal. I got the guitar and a morley was for 200.
  2. Interesting. So do you think this was an error at the factory?
  3. I recently picked up this partscaster. The neck is a 2012 Fender USA. On the back of the neck, there is a route for some type of an emblem or something else. Does anyone know what this is? neck.pdf guitar.pdf
  4. Are your pickups active or passive? Id be interested in trying out your line
  5. I did change strings. Trying out some new dunlop heavy bottoms. I had on 10's and this high E is still a 10. After some analyzing it looks like the fret has a little scratch on it and I believe the string is digging into it. Think a fret dressing might be in order?
  6. Just put some new strings on a jackson dinky. At the 17th fret on the high E im noticing a total dead fret. All other frets at the 17th position are fine. Im not getting any sort of sound out of it. Ive checked the fret to see if it was loose and I dont notice it being loose. The frets seem pretty even as well. I have some buzzing going on onther frets but the action is very low. Any ideas on what could be causing this and some possible solutions?
  7. Do you think the entire body and neck should be sanded? Also would this need to be sanded by hand or with a handsander? It doesnt have any finish on her so I was thinking some sanding would be necessary before she gets her gloss or tru oil finish.
  8. Thank you so much. I feel a lot more confident now. Im going to get me a blank piece of ebony and get cracking. Ive never had a 12 string so this should be a nice addition to my collection. Now when you reglue her to the body what do you use? I would assume titebond and some clamps?
  9. I am definitly interested in handwound stuff. I have some bill lawrence pickups on my guitars and they always surpass the dimarzio or duncans by far. My only issue with getting custom pickups would be getting templates to do the routing. Are your pickups a standard size that I can get a template for? Or maybe you could possibly create one for me?
  10. Thanks man this is really helping alot. I have the dremel with the stand! Its def a good piece. What do you use to do contouring? Im guessing the dremel could be used as well?
  11. I want this bass to be able to cover metal to jazz so im unsure of what pickups to go with. Im also a little afriad of doing the routing that why I want to keep it something simple that I can use a template to practice before ever hitting the bass
  12. Sounds pretty simple. What grades would I need to sand with?
  13. Very interesting. Thanks for the reply! Once the wood has resurfaced, is it necessary to do any sanding or can i just finish the guitar? The guitar currently has no finish on it so I want to work out these minor dents before shes given her finish
  14. Thanks for the advice and help with authenticating the piece. I was told the guitar was created at the custom shop quite some time ago. It was never finished and thats where the story ended. Now here I am to bring her to life! Whats the difference protection wise? I would assume a few layers of gloss might help not dent the instrument. Is the oil finish susceptable to more damage?
  15. Thanks bro! Thats exactly what i was thinking of doing. As far as creating the bridge, how would i go about recreating the cavity for the saddle? Route it or dremil it out? And as far as the pin holes just drill press it through?
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