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  1. Got myself the G&W miter box a couple of weeks ago, so looking forward to start using it with this tutorial! thx!
  2. today made some time to further sand the headstock parts, route the peghead to the right thickness and glue them together. I was a bit worried I didn't have enough length in my peghead, but ofcourse by routing it to 15mm thickness I gained a few extra cm's of flat surface. I added two sideburns to allow for my peghead shape to fit, the neck blank just wasn't wide enough. next up: routing the truss channel. I must say I'm getting handier creating temporary routing jigs
  3. looking good man, even without the power tools!
  4. haha, actually Rockinger is a supplier of guitar parts & tools in Germany, so no wordplay intended by me here, but they might have intended it that way yeah, ha. Never looked at it like that! the floors are the original floors from 1913 which we refinished, thnks not smiling when they have to sand pickup and control cavities !
  5. thanks @JayT I am actually very pleased with it, The finish just could have been done better. I'm currently finishing the second one and it's a lot better! As in the tutorial : you gotta make sure your primingcoat is smooth as a billiards table!.
  6. yeah, my son had to do a drawing assignment, so I gave him this alternative job fun to share this project with the kids!
  7. nice challenge! sorry to hear you've lost your job, but kudo's on going at it like this! good luck!
  8. Follow up on this thread: I had 2 of these ibanez guitars. First one was done in yellow. Started work on the second one this year and had some help from two local artists this will also be a JS-style but with special painted finish (like the JS-ART models) What will be different on this one : radius. I finished the fretboard with 10" radius. frets: will use narrow jumbo frets this time. Got some new fretwire supplied by Rockinger in Germany pickups: I got a nice deal on a Sustainiac Stealth Pro kit, so I'll be installing that in the neck position.
  9. ok, decided to not do a laminated neck but instead glue two pieces to the headstock to widen it enough for my design. yesterday built a jig to cut my neck blank at an angle of 13 degrees and cut my headstock carf joint. still need to do some sanding to make it absolutely flat for gluing on. Looks like I've could used a bit more length on my headstock, but it will just be enough I think. After today I will have 2 weeks of holiday from my work as math teacher, so hope to be able to make some more progress.
  10. I also might just stick 2 pieces of maple on the side to broaden the headstock for my shape. That will make it easier as I don't have to get new wood. As this is a prototype, I want to keep the cost down. Will go for the scarf joint to allow for a proper headstock angle though. funny how you keep running in decisions to make when you think you thought of everything already that's the difference between experienced vs non-experienced builders I guess!
  11. Welcom @marcelguitars, nice to see a fellow Dutch-man here! nice looking project! It is indeed a good time to start building!
  12. here's what I mean: thanks to @Gogzs for the picture. In stead I'm thinking maple-walnut-maple-walnut-maple. Of course the pieces will need to be perfectly flat before gluing together, but that's where my friends workshop comes in handy with the right equipment.
  13. Thanks Norris, this is what's great about this forum! I'll post a Pic of what I mean, not sure if I'm naming it right
  14. managed to get some work done yesterday in the yard. Lovely spring weather, so got my bandsaw and sander outside. Created a template for my neck. Found out my neck-blank isn't wide enough, so I'm probably getting some walnut pieces to make a laminated neck and also do my first scarf joint neck. I also cut my body from the basswood blank that I've got for this project. Love my bandsaw! It's great to do be able to do this stuff in my yard without having to go to my friends workshop. Put my router in my workmate and used a piece of MDF to level and create a flat surface for routing the body with my template that I made. I found that the neck-cavity on my template was cut too short for an AANJ, so that part still needs to be shaped. Here's the specs that I've planned sofar: Bolt on maple neck with maple fretboard Bridge humbucker and slanted singlecoil size neck humbucker 5-way switching using coil-taps from the humbuckers 1-Vol-1-Tone Gotoh or Wilkinson Trem Gotoh tuners Back-routed cavities, no pickguard here's some pics from yesterday
  15. just going back through this thread ; haha. Sounds familiar. NIce build, looking forward to the result!
  16. nice setup, I'll have to do something similar soon!
  17. Just caught up with this thread, awesome read, build and axe! wish I had built it sounding great too. congrats!
  18. When I was in college, I spent a lot of time playing video games... I regret I didn't use that time to teach myself to properly play the guitar. All I did was noodle along with Pink Floyd cd's etc and learn some songs for my band at that time. I've set myself a goal to invest some time in learning scales and learning to improvise with them. Also I want to improve my technique. I've become a member of Paul Gilbert's Rock Guitar School at Artistworks as I've decided to focus on rock style guitar playing in stead of wanting to do it all from blues to rockabilly to metal. Also I'm using some stuff from Justin Guitar to learn and improvise with scales. Trying to do some practice each day nowadays.
  19. Nice! @Andyjr1515 that's good advice! Somehow when it's strung up I feel I can not go at it with tools anymore, but hey, why not!
  20. I'l have to put on a different trussrod in that case. Was going for a wheel adjustable rod at the body. I have another rod somehwere, I can use that. We'll see.
  21. Welcome @Gogzs! Nice read and familiar story, I am sure your build will turn out great by the looks of it so far. Impressive first build!
  22. Ok, that's settled then. It will be added. Thx for the feedback guys
  23. Designing the headstock, trying hard not to copy an existing shape. Before I get a cease and desist order from someone
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