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  1. Lots has happened since last I posted! We now have a little shop with big stuff. We are pleased to offer the following- Jackson, ESP, LTD, Schecter, Dean, Guild, Gretsch, Kramer Diezel, Engl, MXR, VOX and much, much more!! Thanks for all the continued support!!! Scott- Vwall Guitars Copperhead Music 9740 Barker Cypress rd. #110 Cypress, TX 77433 281 859 6000 shop
  2. The Rocktron special has been concluded. Thanks guys!
  3. vwall's not selling them anymore, apparently. I emailed about a month and a half ago, and that's what he said. It might be worthwhile to ask again, though. Hey guys, sorry been out so long. Yeah, its not that we're not selling them anymore, its that we are revising our contract with Ibanez after the 1st of this year. After that, hopefully no later than Feb, we will be able to offer them and much more from Ibanez. I will keep you all posted.
  4. Thanks Westhemann!! Yes, i can get you the ZR trem direct from Ibanez or I can order you a Kahler- (I just picked them up) As for the route, i can take care of that as well, tho, i too will need to build a template. Let me know if I can be of assistance.
  5. Yeah, I'd love to afford one but cant justify it. I mean, i dont do finish work. All my paint gets subbed out. And its not cost effective to do this by hand most of the time its a free to low charge item to buff out swirls... No ONE else has any tips or experience they'd like to throw my way???
  6. Hey everyone! I need a little help on buffing or polishing. I will occasionally get a guitar that's scratched up or has tons of pick swirling and hazing. Barring a wet sanding- I am not sure how to get these out.?? I have the over priced stew mac compounds #3 and #4 but that doesn't work with my cordless drill and foam buffing pad from stew mac. What am I missing and what can I do to fix these problems? Do I need a stronger drill motor? Do I need a big buffing wheel like the manufactures use? Should I be using different compounds or??? a start to finish would be great!
  7. Hey guys! The site is back up with a new look! A bit more professional. Still adding inventory so theres not much there now... Check it out and tell me what you think. [url="http://vwallguitars.com/"]http://vwallguitars.com/[/url] We will also be adding Dean Guitars and Guild Guitars over the next few weeks!!!
  9. OK!! The website and DNS has all been fix and redesigned and is back up! Still under some construction tho... my new email is support@vwallguitars.com
  10. Thanks for the message, Athlon- My website has been down since my DNS was Hi-jacked. That should be fixed very soon. I can get you all the Ibanez parts you need- OEM- direct from Hoshino-Ibanez. I would send you an email- But i dont quite understand what it is Here's mine: vwall1@yahoo.com Thanks Scott
  11. Hey everyone. just wanted to let you know that our site has been down for almost 2 months now from a DNS Hijacking. We're working on and will be taking orders for 2007 for new Jackson guitars!! Thanks and happy holidays!
  12. Yes, its true. But even when they were available, I don't believe they were available for direct purchase. I believe Ibanez treated these and a couple other JS sig trems the way they did the piezo Edge. Only way to buy a replacement was to submit one that was defective...
  13. Sorry, I dont get by her etoo often. Im making it a point to come back more. Please email me for pricing on the ZR. thanks scott vwall@houston.rr.com
  14. Have I answered all your emails yet? I havent been here in ages and want to make sure I helped everyone. Ive received a few emails but only one said it was from here. Please let me know what you guys need. I can get parts from Ibanez direct as well as most other guitar companies. Thanks everyone! Hope you are all well!!!
  15. Its best for pricing to EMAIL me. vwall1@yahoo.com
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