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  1. I like it. I had the same idea for the LED's in the pick-up cavitys, think i might do it now i know it looks good. Great refinish!
  2. Edinburgh Dungeons. Princess Street if you like shopping. Theres some great music shops not that far from princess street either. Sham your not going laster on in the year when the fringe Festival is on. Theres some great shows on then. I wish i could visit the city more often. I love it. Have fun. And dont drink tennents, its rubbish.
  3. Seriously the coolest pub-induced injury ever! I totaly have to see you at download and buy you a bear for that! will you be able to take on some circle pits at slayer? Get better man.
  4. The only time ive EVER had any complaints from the neibours is when i had a small gig in my bac yard (i actualy call i my back yard. my dads from canada) i had a PA that was about 1200watt. a tad overkill i think. the police shut it down at 9pm.... i normaly prsctice dirty at good volume, but i practice clean to make sure im acurrate, cause i know i can get away with loppyplaying heavily distorted and loud. (sporryy if theis pist is a tad hard to read im just bad from th pub a tad worst for ware.... sorry..) x
  5. I played redsteel and i wasnt tha impressed. it didnt seem to work terribly well, good concept though. The tracking seemed glitchy and made the gameplay tedious at times. I'll stick with the pad thankya verymuch.
  6. My god thats alot for a 360!! Wii's are great fun, we've had to ban ourselfs from it during band practice otherwise it turns in to ameture bowling night! haha. I do love the 360 pad for shooters. keyboard and mouse... RTS games and solitaire.
  7. Ive had this guy in m favourites for a while now. I realy like his transplant guitars. they do look nice. And he can play them too
  8. Angle grider w/40grit flap sander. Used that to carve my LP's neck, top and tummy cut (some purist will hate me...) made quick work of it and the learning curve wasnt that steep. I have done the rasp/surform way but its not as much fun and the results are same in the end.
  9. Ive got an idea. keep that guitar, practice finishing and wiring and practice set ups. Save up and buy a decent axe or build your own (even from a kit its likley to be better than the behringer.)
  10. just do the maths the same, head angle realy has nothing to do with bridge height. Just place the treble side of the bridge at the scale length. What kind of bridge is it anyway?
  11. same as above. it looks like a dye black sandback then dye red then adding the black burst around the edges. then finsh in some form of clear. Jani is one of my favorite players too, i still get a bit triped up when i play Wolf and Raven. There good live aswell.
  12. That map site is bloody scary how accurate it is when you zoom in! wow.
  13. How i wish there ws a scottish flag icon here... I live in the north east of scotland. Its rather sunny here now. Its a nice place
  14. Well. My ibanez is made of basswood. And i love it. So im gona say yes.
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