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  1. This post is from Bill's (Lovekraft's) wife Jennifer. I found this site on his computer and knew how much time he spent with you guys. He loved the information he got from you all and enjoyed sharing his knowledge with you. He will be greatly missed in the music community here in Alabama. I thank you all for your kind words. I've read the posts regarding his death and I'm grateful that he was able to share himself with so many. Bill became sick Wednesday (12/6/06) and was rushed to the emergency room here in Prattville, AL He was diagnosed with a severly inflamed pancreas which dehydr
  2. Ok, just ignore everything but this diagram - let source A and source B represent your pickups, wire as shown, then wire your dual concentric as the volume and tone pots, and you're done!
  3. It's really not that complicated, but you'll need a "blend" pot (AKA panpot), like one of these, from Stewmac - take a look at their instructions for a wiring diagram. And if you can get one of the pickups (doesn't matter which) in a reverse-wound, reverse-polarity configuration, then the center position will be humbucking (although it will not sound even vaguely like a humbucker, since the pickups will be in parallel rather than in series). Stacked pots wire up just like two separate pots, so that's no problem, either. And before I forget, a killswitch simply shorts the hot wire to ground
  4. +1 - There are better pickups for specific genres, but for a J*O*A*T axe, you can't do much better than these. The Dually is probably the best compromise between humbucker and single coil ever made, and does both authentically.
  5. But to answer your question, yes, your assumptions are correct. With the neck pickup out of phase, it won't be humbucking, but it will get you that shrill, weedy out-of-phase sound (I'm not a big out-of-phase fan - could you tell? ).
  6. I'm afraid I'd have to go for it - I'm all for integrity and all that, but a large check along with a carefully negotiated contract would not only enhance one's financial viability, but the association with a mass-market, affordable guitar would be pretty positive, so long as it wasn't a complete tinderbox. How many players ended up buying a Soldano amp after playing that Yamaha combo that he designed?
  7. Yeah, 7 or 8 since lunch - it's getting to be like playing WhackaMole!
  8. Don't laugh - I once received a royalty check for $6.17 from a recording project I was involved with!
  9. Have you found a good, cheap source for those Molex connectors? I'd use 'em in everything if they weren't so expensive and difficult to buy in small quantities.
  10. Bear with us, folks - we're killing 'em as fast as we can find 'em! As for the weird "Hi! I'm New Here!!" posts, all I can assume is that they're vague attempts at phishing from the "English as a second language" spammers. We must be doing something right - we're getting spam from servers all over eastern Europe, and even as far away as Israel!! Wow, Drak, talk about an obscure cultural reference - Carnival of Souls was one of the most disturbing films I've ever seen! Right up there with Suspiria, The Illustrated Man and Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo!
  11. Yes, but it would still behoove those entitled individuals to refrain from characterizing their compatriots as ignoramuses in support of their argument - just because someone disagrees with your (undoubtedly well-reasoned) opinion does not automatically qualify them as ignorant, blatantly or otherwise, and using the phrase is insulting and inflammatory (unless you are personally acquainted with your target, in which case, you are welcome to go to his house and berate him). Obviously you feel strongly about this, but making it personal does nothing for your credibility, nor does it endear you t
  12. Blatant ignorance is uncalled for here. Sad to say but some of the quality coming out of China now is very good indeed and the prices are amazing... Get over the 'knee-jerk' reaction and post something a little less emotive and a little more objective I'm all for objectivity, but my experience doesn't parallel yours, apparently. Of the hundreds of Chinese and Indonesian imports I've played with over the last couple of years, only a very few were of any quality at all, and most were barely adequate - just goes to prove, even a blind hog will find an acorn every now and then. All emotional co
  13. Out of curiosity, why? It may be none of my business (not that that's ever kept me from speaking my mind ), but my memories of those pickups aren't particularly fond ones. If you're worried about collector value, don't - there isn't any real collector's market for 70s Japanese imports. A really good one example might sell for $500+ if you can find the right buyer, but I can't see that replaced pickups would be seen as anything other than value added. OTOH, if there's deep sentimental value involved, please ignore the previous paragraph.
  14. It's not unusual. It simply means the two input jacks are in parallel, putting your volume pots in parallel and causing them to interact, so turning one down lowers the total parallel resistance to ground, turning down both guitars.
  15. Thanks, Jaam - "Lonesome Crow" came out in, what, 1972? I guess that would make Slade a Hair Metal band, too! palecriminal, two words - Enuff Z'Nuff!
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